The 3 Tallest Buildings in Bangkok


Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city and an international business hub that attracts residents from around the world.

This economic and social expansion, has inevitably transformed the urban landscape. As a result Bangkok now offers a stunning and world-class skyline!

This brings about the BIG question:

What are the 3 tallest buildings in Bangkok?

Quick note before starting, in a rapidly transforming city like Bangkok “Top 3 Lists”, often get outdated and become completely irrelevant in a matter of years (Even months).

Therefore this list will probably stay relevant… until only next year 2018 (When a new article will have to be published, haha)!

Let’s dive in:

1. MahaNakhon (314m)


MahaNakhon Photo Courtesy of

MahaNakhon officially became Bangkok’s tallest building in 2016!

This architectural landmark stands out from its peers, by displaying one of the most unique architectural designs of the city. Its design is that of a cuboid-surfaced pixelated spiral, that gives the tower a surreal and even futuristic look. This mixed-use development is located in the Silom/Sathorn business district, it offers a mix of leisure, retail, hotel and residential elements.

The MahaNakhon commercial sections offer the Vogue Lounge, restaurants (I.e. Dean and Deluca) and an Edition hotel by Marriot International. The residential elements of the development, is dubbed “The Ritz-Carlton Residences” which offers 204 hotel-branded luxury residences. The iconic status of this tower combined with the exclusive luxury offered by The Ritz-Carlton, makes the residential condos offered some of the most expensive properties in the capital!

2. Baiyoke Tower II (309m)


Baiyoke Tower II Photo Courtesy of Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Another impressive Bangkok Landmark, this building towers at 309 Meters and is a total of 88 Stories high!

The Baiyoke Tower II is a hotel (Baiyoke Sky Hotel) and its impressive height makes it the tallest hotel in South East Asia. It is also renowned for its observation deck, which offers breathtaking view over Bangkok!

3. The River South Tower (258m)

The River-Raimon Land

The River South Tower Photo Courtesy of Raimon Land

The River South Tower is a condo development by luxury developer Raimon Land PCL. As its name suggest this 74-Floor residential condo, towers over the banks of the majestic Chao Phraya River. This five-star and ultra-luxury condo offers one of the most enviable views Bangkok has to offer!

This list would be incomplete without an honorable mention:

Rama IX Super Tower

Super Tower IX

Super Tower IX Photo Courtesy of G Canal Land

While still under construction, this list would be incomplete without briefly mentioning this MASSIVE project.
The Project by G Canal Land will be located in Rama 9- Ratchada,  it will stand at a stunning 615m high and offer 125-Floors. This mixed-use project will offer a combination of retail and commercial space; once complete it will officially become Thailand tallest building and dwarf even the iconic MahaNakhon.

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