The 4 Mega Projects Transforming Rama IX Area

Currently a darling of Bangkok’s property circles, the neighborhood has in recent years been propelled into the spotlight and touted as the Capital’s “Newest CBD Location”.

This honorific title is well earned; Rama IX is conveniently located and connected to other parts of the city via a network of routes (I.e. MRT, Airport Rail Link and Road). It is an office and business hotspot, with big players such as The Stock Exchange of Thailand being headquartered in the area. On top of this, the neighborhood offers a pleasant residential environment with a multitude of Shopping Malls (Central Rama 9, Fortune Town) and Condos (Ideo Mobi Rama 9, Belle Rama 9).

G Tower- Rama 9- Ratchada

“G Tower” Standing Out in the Skyline; Part of the Grand Rama 9 Megaproject!

This convenient balance of commercial and residential, has transformed the neighborhood into a desirable and attractive investment location. Unsurprisingly, in Q3 of this year Ananda launched Ashton Asoke-Rama 9 a luxury condo consisting of 2 Towers (Total of 599 Units) and AP (Thai) launched a competing Project, Life Asoke-Rama 9 an ambitious 2 Tower Condo (Total of 2,248 Units).

Interestingly, Rama IX has yet to reach a plateau in its development cycle. As the area is about to welcome 4 Mega Projects that will massively transform its commercial and residential landscape:


4 Mega Projects Set to Transform Rama 9

1. MRT Orange Line Extension

MRT-Orange Line

Rama IX Area Touted as a Vibrant Interchange!

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT) this year officially commenced the construction of the eastern-half of MRT Orange Line; this 21 Km connection will link MRT Thailand Cultural Centre to Minburi. The project is due to complete in 2023 and once completed will comprise of 17 Stations. On top of this plans for the western-half of the MRT Orange Line (Connecting MRT Thailand Cultural Centre to Thonburi) are being reviewed.

This massive extension will effectively transform MRT Thailand Cultural Centre into a bustling MRT Interchange, connecting the Eastern and potentially the western fringes of Bangkok.

2. Grand Rama IX

This megaproject by G Land will be an extensive mixed-use development of a 73-Rai plot of land. Grand Rama IX will comprise of several individual projects notably Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 a shopping mall developed in collaboration with Central Pattana and a series of office towers notably G Tower, The 9th Towers and Unilever House.

However the highlight of the project will be The Super Tower that will consist of 125-storeys and will tower 615-meters above Bangkok. Once completed, it will officially be the Capital’s tallest tower.

3. Makkasan Complex


Makkasan Complex will be developed alongside the Airport Rail Link

While the Complex’s exact elements are currently under review, this massive development will potentially be spread over the 300-Rai plot of land currently controlled by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). Located directly opposite Makkasan Airport Rail Link, the proposed megaproject will comprise of commercial and residential aspects notably offices, hotels, retail space, a conference center and a condominium. The complex is also touted to offer a public park and a Railway Museum to celebrate the historical importance of the site.

4. Singha Complex

Developed by the Singha Estate, this mixed-use project will be developed over an 11-Rai Site and located on the Phetchaburi Intersection. This ambitious development will consist of 2 buildings that will encompass a Grade A office tower, retail shops and a super-luxury condo dubbed “The Esse at Singha Complex”.

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