5 Ultra Stylish Bangkok Condo Design Ideas



Despite offering modern and comfortable interiors, most Bangkok condos unfortunately offer MASSIVELY uninspired and characterless decors!

In an expansive and colourful city like Bangkok, it will come as a surprise to many that the majority of condos are decorated in a neutral fashion; creating a vicious cycle of boring and unexceptional properties…

Truly awe-inspiring and beautiful homes, that bring their residents pride, are unfortunately ultra-rare items in the Capital.

However, contrary to popular belief, creating truly remarkable interior design doesn’t need to be an expensive or time consuming endeavour.


Let’s explore “5 Condo Design Ideas” that won’t break the bank!

1. Colour Coordination

Use decorative items (I.e. Rugs, vases, cushions, standing lamps) to colour code your condo’s living environment. Decorating the interior of the property in a subtle “colour hue” of your choosing.

This stunning home in Mori Haus uses serene green, inspired by it’s lush natural exterior.

2. Minimalist Modern

If your condo comes fitted with a neutral white, beige or light grey wallpaper, perhaps apply a minimalist modern style.

Superb Condo in Rhythm Asoke 2 decorated in light-brown furnishings, that creates a spacious and calming effect.

Going for pristine white or light-brown wooden furnishing and decorations. Creating a space that reinforces simplicity and function.

3. Classy Modern

Are you a socialite, that enjoys the good life?
Are you into classic luxury?

Then indulge your senses, by creating a classic modern vibe. Go for art-deco shelf ornaments or wall paintings; alternatively use furnishings and decorations with silver and gold flashes to reinforce opulence and elegance.

Stunning example of a classy chic property in Hyde 11.

4. Hipster Chic

For people with an independent and artistic streak, aim to create a classy-modern hipster living space.
The easiest way to achieve this look, is by strategically selecting wall pieces and picking a coordinated-colour theme for the condo.

Trendy and hip condo in Noble Revo Silom

5. Mediterranean Fresh

To achieve this look, aim for natural but vibrant colours such as aquatic blues, natural greens and earthy browns.

The best combination is to mix wood/ earthy-brown furnishings with a dash of colourful decorations to contrast. Another element would be the use of authentic potted plants, placed around the living space to add freshness.

Creating a beautiful and comfortable “al fresco” themed living environment.

Bright and airy duplex in Ideo Morph 38, creates an “outdoor” meditarranean environment indoors!

A few final inspirational words…

Beauty is in the details, therefore don’t be afraid to experiment, be free-thinking in your style and creative in your design choices!
As Steve Jobs the luminary founder of Apple once said:

“Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right.”

One thought on “5 Ultra Stylish Bangkok Condo Design Ideas

  1. Praveen Kumar says:

    Not only for Bangkok condos, I think these ideas will suit any condo or home. I especially loved the idea about modern minimalistic design as I am a lover of minimalistic interior designs. Thanks for sharing this.

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