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The Best Bangkok Neighborhoods for Expats to Live!

Bangkok is an amazing city, with dramatically different neighborhoods that offer enormously varied lifestyle options. However the sheer size of the Capital and it’s multitude of areas can quickly overwhelm and confuse! Where to live, is often a highly personal decision based on an individual’s situation and preferences. While there is definitely no “one size fits all” solution to living…Read More

The Most Exclusive and Expensive Areas in Bangkok

Coming-up with a list of Bangkok’s most desirable and expensive neighborhoods is not difficult. As traditionally business, retail and leisure activities have primarily clustered in Central Bangkok often referred to as the Central Business District (CBD) by the Capital’s property professionals. So what are the main Central Bangkok areas that are considered CBD? Sukhumvit – Nana – Asoke – Phrom…Read More

Outer Sukhumvit’s Time to Shine!

Outer Sukhumvit, is the Bangkok Property Consultancies’ jargon to classify a wide area encompassing several neighborhoods from Sukhumvit Soi 71 (Phra Khanong) all the way to Bangna. The neighborhoods in this section of Sukhumvit, were often relegated to the status of “peripherals” that merely lied in the fringes of the prime-side of Sukhumvit (Nana to Thonglor). While all the established…Read More

Soi Langsuan: The Bangkok CBD’s Residential Oasis

Chidlom’s Soi Langsuan (Langsuan Road), already has all the elements of a successful and desirable neighborhood. The tree-lined area is pleasant and chic with leisure and retail options such as Central Chidlom Shopping Mall and The Portico Community Mall servicing local residents. An additional benefit to the local lifestyle is the proximity of the area to Lumpini Park, one of…Read More

5 Central Bangkok “Sois” Offering Awesome Lifestyles

Bangkok’s unique lifestyle and charm, is in large part because of the City’s “Sois” (Thai word for Side Streets) that develop in webs alongside major commercial roads (I.e. Sukhumvit Road and Sathorn Road). These Sois often harbor tight-knit communities, relaxing environments and offer great work-life balance to its residents. This unique urban arrangement inadvertently produces residential pockets and even peaceful…Read More

Condo Investment Hotspot: On Nut’s Booming Potential!

On Nut’s growing popularity as an up-and-coming investment location, is an open secret amongst the property agencies servicing Bangkok’s Central Business District. Interestingly, this once underrated part of Sukhumvit is now offering one of the Capital’s most vibrant and active condo rental and sales markets. As an agency specializing in rental and sales of Condos, Fresh Property is experiencing this…Read More

Where to live in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s bustling streets, breathtaking maze of buildings and amazing people make the city a unique destination for expats. This energetic vibe attracts and encourages thousands of Expats every year, to relocate to Bangkok for both professional and personal reasons! However, Bangkok can be incredibly confusing especially with its multitude of roads (With odd names) and crisscrossing patchwork of neighborhoods. To…Read More

Where is Bangkok’s Central Business District?

Bangkok can be a daunting city to explore and evaluate, for Property Investors as it offers a confusing selection of neighborhoods and roads. Interestingly conventional geographical delineations such as postcodes and even districts have very little meaning in this sprawling megacity. To make matters worse, Property Professionals and Developers use expressions such as “Central Business District (CBD)” and “Prime area”…Read More

Ploenchit Property Guide

Area Overview Home to a collection of Embassies such as The United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland Embassy to name a few, Ploenchit has established a reputation for being the Capital’s official embassy quarters. The neighborhood also hosts a multitude of up-scale leisure venues, such as 5-star hotels, chic dining establishments and expensive shopping malls. On top of this, Ploenchit…Read More

Phrom Phong Property Guide

Area Overview Phrom Phong has consistently established a reputation for offering a desirable and appealing lifestyle, with a little bit of everything for everyone. This ranges from active working professionals, families with children, to even retirees. The attraction to the neighborhood is due to a combination of convenience, quality residential options and an exciting range of entertainment venues. Interestingly Phrom…Read More

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