New Thai Rental Law: What to Expect?

A mix of confusion, panic and general widespread disbelief has spread amongst landlords and apartment operators in recent weeks, with the announcement of the new Thai Rental Law. This new set of regulations was announced in the Royal Gazette on Feb 16 and will come into effect on May 1st of this year. Thus leaving the Thai real estate industry…Read More

Bangkok’s Second-Hand Condo Market: The Growing Gap!

There is an undeniable and biased preference, for off-Plan projects in Bangkok. This local reality is understandable, off-plan captures the imagination of investors and home buyers, with brilliant promises of “what could be, will be and should be”. On a more pragmatic-level, new condo launches also offer a thrilling and fast-paced opportunity to make a “quick buck” by flipping condo…Read More

Where to live in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s bustling streets, breathtaking maze of buildings and amazing people make the city a unique destination for expats. This energetic vibe attracts and encourages thousands of Expats every year, to relocate to Bangkok for both professional and personal reasons! However, Bangkok can be incredibly confusing especially with its multitude of roads (With odd names) and crisscrossing patchwork of neighborhoods. To…Read More

Investment Guide: Bangkok Condo Rental Yields Overview

Bangkok is a vibrant economic hub and a popular investment destination in the heart of South East Asia. As a result, the city benefits from a solid rental market that is comprised of both Expat and Thai renters. Property Professionals from Real Estate Agencies, Investment Consultancies and Residential Developers agree that Central Bangkok offers: 4-6% Achievable Gross Rental Yields While…Read More

5 Low-Rise Condo Investments offering SOLID Returns!

Low-Rise Bangkok Condos offer surprisingly peaceful and tranquil living environments. Since these developments are usually less-dense (Compared to high-rises), an intimate and friendly community vibe develops between residents; this unique environment offers a terrific residential atmosphere, ideal for busy working professionals looking for a relaxing getaway. Unfortunately, low-rise developments are often underrated or simply lack the marketing exposure of high-rises…Read More

The 3 FASTEST Renting Condos in Sukhumvit

Central Bangkok’s rental market is stable and every month there are constant streams of relocating Expat and Thai rental clients. This makes the Bangkok particularly attractive for investors looking for a rental condo investment. However the fact that there is a vibrant rental market, does not automatically translate into finding tenants “immediately and easily”. Vacancy periods can be extensively long,…Read More

3 Old Bangkok Condos with Renovation Potential!

As Property Agents we experience first-hand, the beginnings of trends and shifts in market expectations. Currently super-luxury condominium projects and the emergence of hot new neighborhoods are currently making headlines in the press. However hidden by all this hype, a more discreet shift is emerging and that is the growing appeal of “older” condos! Interestingly, our Agency is experiencing a…Read More