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The Long Overdue Gentrification of Thonglor’s Sukhumvit 36-38

The Thonglor neighborhood needs little introduction, classy and desirable it has already cemented itself as an upmarket location. Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor Road) is currently a beehive of condo development activity, where the capital’s top developers have launched a slew of exclusive ultra-luxury residences. Most of development activity has traditionally focused on Sukhumvit 55 which is largely perceived as the prime…Read More

Proptech Thailand: Shifting Real Estate Standards

Real Estate in Thailand is a business dominated by trends and fuelled by hype. Staying fresh and novel, isn’t a choice it’s a matter of survival, especially in ultra-competitive regional markets such as Bangkok! Despite this, the Thai Property Industry has traditionally followed a predictable and conventional pattern: “1. Developers develop new products.” “2. Agencies are instructed to conduct marketing…Read More

The 6 Bangkok Condos Connected to BTS or MRT Stations

Hundreds of Condo Projects in Bangkok can claim to be within walking distance of a BTS or MRT. However, only a select and exclusive few can officially boast about having dedicated private entrances connecting them to a Mass Transit Station. These coveted status symbols offer the ultimate luxury to its residents, that of enviable convenience! Let’s explore the few Condo…Read More

Is it legal to Airbnb Condos in Thailand?

With its global presence in a total 65,000+ Cities, 191+ Countries and a total of 3+ Million Vacation Rentals, Airbnb is a phenomenon taking Thailand by storm! The simplicity of the turnkey service is proving incredibly attractive for condo landlords looking to generate extra-income. However Airbnb’s disruptive business model has placed it in direct opposition with several stakeholders notably the…Read More

Bangkok Property Management Options for Overseas Landlords

It may come as a surprise for many overseas buyers to discover that Property Management as a turnkey rental service, is a relatively new business concept for condo landlords in Bangkok! The vast majority of buy-to-let investors in the Capital are overwhelmingly Thai and they often tend to shy away from Professional Property Management Services for the following reasons: They…Read More

Bangkok’s New Wave of Up-and-Coming Developers

Anyone vaguely familiar with Bangkok real estate will recognize that a few big name Condo Developers are dominating the market! Key players such as Sansiri, Ananda Development and AP (Thai) are blanketing the capital with aggressive marketing campaigns and new project launches. As the expression goes “success breeds success” and these competitive Developers are also prolific at growing and acquiring…Read More

7 Exciting Upcoming Condo Projects in Asoke!

Asoke’s ever growing appeal as a development and investment hotspot is unsurprising. It has consolidated its position as Sukhumvit’s premier business and office district; with hundreds of international and local businesses from a variety of industries, headquartered in this commercial hub. This unique business ecosystem is made possible firstly due to the dense concentration of office towers clustering around Sukhumvit…Read More

5 Famous and Incredibly Unique Buildings in Bangkok

Bangkok is a literal forest of skyscrapers, where old inevitably melds with ultra-modern. The developing city, with its unique charm and expansive urbanscape make it an architects’ dream. Unsurprisingly, Bangkok has produced some stunning and in some cases quirky architectural marvels! Let’s explore some of the city’s most unique landmarks: 1. MahaNakhon Sitting at a height of 314m, MahaNakhon is…Read More

5 Central Bangkok “Sois” Offering Awesome Lifestyles

Bangkok’s unique lifestyle and charm, is in large part because of the City’s “Sois” (Thai word for Side Streets) that develop in webs alongside major commercial roads (I.e. Sukhumvit Road and Sathorn Road). These Sois often harbor tight-knit communities, relaxing environments and offer great work-life balance to its residents. This unique urban arrangement inadvertently produces residential pockets and even peaceful…Read More

Bangkok’s Branded Residences: Raising the Bar of Luxury!

Bangkok’s residential developers operate in an incredibly competitive business environment. In an attempt to standout from their peers, developers are constantly inching and clawing to develop projects that standout! Creating an endless cycle of competition, where each company is looking to one-up each other thus resulting in the following trend: “The established players compete to secure prime-locations and in retaliation…Read More

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