Bangkok Property

Rama IX-Ratchada Bangkok’s Next CBD?

The Bangkok property market is in a constant state of flux, with whole neighborhoods constantly evolving residentially and commercially. Interestingly, Bangkok and its multi-billion baht property industry, is constantly the source of rumors, speculation and trends. This is the inevitable result of the constantly changing dynamics of how the city operates, as both a home and place to work for…Read More

3 Commercial Developments transforming Sukhumvit!

When investing in Bangkok Condos, it is important for investors to consider the qualitative aspects of a property. These qualitative factors tend to relate mostly to the lifestyle and desirability of a Condo’s location. A neighborhood’s appeal and its ability to retain and attract a diverse local community, can determine whether an investment generates positive or negative returns. There are…Read More

Where is Bangkok’s Central Business District?

Bangkok can be a daunting city to explore and evaluate, for Property Investors as it offers a confusing selection of neighborhoods and roads. Interestingly conventional geographical delineations such as postcodes and even districts have very little meaning in this sprawling megacity. To make matters worse, Property Professionals and Developers use expressions such as “Central Business District (CBD)” and “Prime area”…Read More

5 Reasons to Buy Bangkok Property

Bangkok is without a doubt Thailand’s economic center and it plays host to the headquarters of some of the country’s leading conglomerates. With an estimated population of 6 Million+ residents, the Capital has consolidated its position as an attractive global destination to live and work. This is in large part because the city offers a multitude of business and job…Read More

Renovating Condos, Bangkok’s next investment opportunity?

DIY and Property Renovation TV shows are a BIG thing in Europe and the United States. Most of these shows follow a similar pre-packaged scenario as follows: Part 1: Investor/ Home Owner want to dramatically transform an old dilapidated property. Part: Contractors are called in and it looks like the project will be a total disaster. Part 3: “Unveiling” (After…Read More

High Rise v/s Low Rise Condos

Whether you are a potential tenant or buyer in Bangkok, chances are high that you will end-up having to live in a Condo. This is usually for practical reasons, as the Capital and especially popular prime areas have become extremely pricey! Therefore you will (or have already faced) the inevitable BIG question: Should I go for a High Rise or…Read More

Types of Property Agents in Bangkok

Navigating the Bangkok Property scene can be a dizzying and confusing affair; the capital offers thousands of condos, hundreds of areas (Each offering its own character and lifestyle benefits) and each property offers its own unique specifications. Therefore whether you are a home seeker, investor or potential tenant using the services of a local property professional is the easiest and…Read More

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