Bangkok Rentals: How much Security Deposit should you be Paying?

A frequently asked question, that is often the hot topic of discussion on local expat forums and Facebook groups:

1. Should I pay 1-or-2 Months Security Deposit for my Rental Property?

The short answer, there are two standards in Bangkok:

– General Standard: 2-Months Security Deposit

– New Law (Made Effective on 1st of May 2018): 1-Month Security Deposit

2. What Security Deposit Standard applies to my rental?

Generally, most rental properties advertised throughout Bangkok by private landlords are subject to 2-months Security Deposit. This has been the norm for many years and most Property Agencies in the Capital will follow this practice.

As for the 1-month Security Deposit regulation, it is only legally imposed on landlords with more than 5 rental properties.

Leading to the next frequently asked question:

3. How can I verify or check the number of properties a landlord owns?

There is unfortunately no practical way to find out. Compliance generally comes down to self-declaration and goodwill.

It is therefore not uncommon, for many landlords to conveniently use the “less than 5 Properties exemption” to wiggle out of their legal responsibilities.

On the bright side, Apartments (Rental buildings managed by a single company) comply with the New Rental Law and are legally obligated to charge only 1 Month Security Deposit.

Some final words to prospective Renters in Bangkok:

The New Rental Law imposes several regulations on Lease Agreements and general rental practices, for more information you can visit: New Thai Rental Law: What to Expect?

If you are new to Bangkok and the whole rental process, you can visit our rental guides:

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Goodluck with your rental search!

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