Bangkok’s Sukhumvit: Lifestyle and Area Guide

Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s most exciting residential district and an appealing cosmopolitan lifestyle hub!

The neighborhood caters to an eclectic range of people, with a wide collection of attractions from shopping malls, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. This huge choice of “Things to do” and “Things to see”, makes the neighborhood popular with both Thais and Expats.



This diversity and wide appeal, also extends to the accommodation options available; with a huge selection of condos, apartments and houses to suit a wide range of budgets and lifestyle requirements.

The Sukhumvit district is named after “Sukhumvit Road”, a major thoroughfare that connects Lower Sukhumvit (Nana) all the way to Upper Sukhumvit in East Bangkok (Samut Prakan Province).

As a result of city planning and urban development, Sukhumvit is in effect a cluster of business and residential neighborhoods, located along Sukhumvit Road and its sideroads (Often referred to in Thai as “Sois”). Sukhumvit is therefore a collection of communities, usually named after the local BTS Skytrain station that services each area!



For easy categorization, Sukhumvit is usually divided into 3 parts “Lower, Mid and Upper”.

To keep things simple, this guide will cover the most popular business and residential neighborhoods notably:

Lower Sukhumvit


Mid Sukhumvit

Phrom Phong

Upper Sukhumvit

Phra Khanong
On Nut

Whether you are relocating to Bangkok for the first time, a longtime resident of the city, or an investor doing some market research, this guide will provide a practical lifestyle and residential overview of each neighborhood.

Let’s get started!


Nana is a popular expat neighborhood, famed for its vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene. Sukhumvit Soi 11 and 8 hosts a collection of eclectic restaurants, bars and nightclubs and Soi 4 offers a selection of “risqué” entertainment venues. This makes Nana, one of the top leisure hotspots in the city, making the location a popular destination on Fridays and weekends.



The neighborhood’s dynamic entertainment scene should not overshadow its residential qualities; centrally located, residents can easily travel to Bangkok’s major business centres, notably Asoke, Ploenchit-Siam, and Silom-Sathorn. Nana also offers a wide selection of condos and apartments with different specifications, styles and price ranges.



This enviable convenience combined with a choice of quality housing, makes the area a popular residential option for working professionals.


Asoke has established its position as Sukhumvit’s business and commercial centre!

Numerous large national and international companies have established their head office in the neighborhood. These businesses usually cluster along Sukhumvit 21 that hosts numerous office towers and commercial spaces.



Asoke is incredibly convenient for working professionals and residents, as it hosts both the interchange for the BTS/MRT Mass Transit Lines and the Airport Rail Link (ARL) that can shuttle passengers directly to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.



The area offers a cosmopolitan and comfortable lifestyle, with Terminal 21 shopping complex and a choice of restaurants, eateries and bars located on Sukhumvit 23. Potential residents have a wide choice of condos and apartments offering different specifications, styles and price ranges.

Phrom Phong

If Asoke is Sukhumvit’s business area, Phrom Phong is undoubtedly the district’s shopping and leisure hub!



The neighborhood is home to two luxury malls notably Emquartier and Emporium both conveniently connected to the BTS Skytrain. This makes the area a popular hangout spot in the evenings and weekends.



Phrom Phong is made-up of a collection of side-roads notably Sukhumvit 24, 26, 31, and 39; the crisscrossing and interconnecting roads, has allowed the neighborhood to develop a unique residential charm. With condos, independent shops and commercial complexes sprinkled throughout the area.


Thonglor is often dubbed the “Beverly Hills” of Bangkok, it is a super trendy and desirable residential enclave popular with the Capital’s high society!



The neighborhood is famed for its wealth of hip hangout and entertainment spots. This includes, classy-cool “The Commons” community mall, “Seenspace Thonglor” and “72 Courtyard” open-air dining and drinking spaces. The area also offers a range of daytime and family-oriented leisure options, such as K-Village community mall and a huge selection of restaurants, eateries and trendy coffee shops.



Thonglor’s appeal as a desirable neighborhood, is also the result of its large range of luxury and modern residential options. The area is affluent and cosmopolitan, popular with both Thais and Expats.


Ekkamai is a charming blend of old and new Bangkok; Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai Road) is a leafy “Soi” offering an interesting patchworking of old-fashioned shop houses, mixed with more modern-style buildings.



The area’s proximity to trendy Thonglor has influenced its urban development and gentrification. Ekkamai offers a pleasant and vibrant lifestyle, with a large choice of entertainment options; such as a selection of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and a few nightclubs located where the Thonglor-Ekamai neighborhoods intersect.



Residents also have access to Gateway Ekamai a shopping complex connected to the BTS, Big C Ekamai supermarket and the newly opened Don Donki Japanese Mall.

Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong is a residential neighborhood popular with both Thais and Expats. Its appeal stems from a combination of convenience and affordable housing options.



Working professionals living in the area, can conveniently commute to business areas such as Asoke and Ploenchit within 15-20 minutes via Skytrain. This fast commute is complemented by a large selection of condos by established developers such as Wyne Sukhumvit by Sansiri, Rhythm 44/1 and Life 48 by AP Thailand.



The neighborhood has developed a unique residential character that usually appeals to young professionals. Residents have access to numerous entertainment options, such as Summer Hill a community mall located right next to the BTS Station and W District that hosts the popular W Night Market!

On Nut

An ultra-popular residential hub, On Nut is an up-and-coming and fast developing neighborhood. The area offers an incredibly comfortable and convenient lifestyle, especially with the presence of two supermarkets, notably Tesco Lotus located on Sukhumvit Road and Big C located on Sukhumvit 77 Road. Century The Movie Plaza, a shopping and leisure complex recently opened its doors and offers residents a local leisure and entertainment venue.



Weary Bangkok dwellers, looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, can also take a stroll along On Nut canal and spend time at Habito Mall and in the T77 Community developed by Sansiri.



This pleasant residential environment is underpinned by an impressive selection of good quality condo options, as numerous leading developers have made forays into On Nut, notably AP Thailand, Sansiri, Ananda and Q House. The result of this development boom is a huge selection of modern and comfortable projects priced at relatively affordable and good-value rates!

Why is Sukhumvit such an appealing and desirable neighborhood?

The secret to Sukhumvit’s success and popularity as a residential and business district, is definitely the result of 3 factors:

1. Convenience

Most of the areas in Sukhumvit, are well-connected by the mass transit or road networks. Offering its residents fast travel times and easy commutes to different parts of Bangkok.

2. Desirable Lifestyle

With a huge selection of “things to do”, Sukhumvit is in essence a “city within a city”!
Offering residents an amazing work-life balance and a uniquely vibrant lifestyle.

3. Quality and Price Diversity of Housing

Sukhumvit offers a wide range of condos, houses and apartments to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

The combination of these 3 factors, make Sukhumvit one of the best places to live in Bangkok!

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