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Spotlight on Thonglor’s Condo Development Boom!

According to The Nation newspaper, Thonglor is about to welcome: “…developments worth more than Bt50 billion combined this year.” This staggering level of investment, demonstrates an unprecedented level of confidence, for an area that has been the darling of Bangkok’s socialites! Thonglor has over the years anchored itself as a top residential destination, offering a balanced and convenient lifestyle popular…Read More

Can Foreigners Own Property in Thailand?

Buying property anywhere in the world from established markets, to more speculative frontier economies should always be an exercise in due diligence and caution. Property transactions, usually involve large sums of money; therefore it is always important for buyers to proceed with an understanding of the local legal landscape. Foreign Property Ownership in Thailand is tightly regulated and follows a…Read More

5 Reasons to Buy Bangkok Property

Bangkok is without a doubt Thailand’s economic center and it plays host to the headquarters of some of the country’s leading conglomerates. With an estimated population of 6 Million+ residents, the Capital has consolidated its position as an attractive global destination to live and work. This is in large part because the city offers a multitude of business and job…Read More

Bangkok Property Events, an Off-plan discount bonanza!

Property Event such as exhibitions, shows, and private parties promoting off-plan developments may seem like just another glitzy marketing gimmick. However it would surprise many, to know that these events play a major role in the sales and marketing of Property Developments in Bangkok. For the local Thai buyers’ market, events are an excellent way to interact with the developer’s…Read More

Benefits and Risks of Buying Off-Plan Properties

Anyone who has ever attended a “pre-sales event” must have experienced that ecstatic and exciting feeling of money changing hands and fortunes being made! The stereotypical event is always hosted in a plush five star hotel (Usually the Ball Room or Conference Room), pretty hostesses usher buyers in and classy suited sales people are there to swoop-in and guide buyers…Read More

3 Important Factors when buying Bangkok Property

Firstly before starting quick disclaimer, this article is not about some get rich quick schemes or exotic strategies. The property markets of South East Asia are full of exotic and thrilling strategies such as timeshares, impressive guaranteed yields and undiscovered up-and-coming areas about to boom; however this article will be a little more sober and focus on fundamentals of Bangkok…Read More

Brief Bangkok Condo Developer Guide

Bangkok is without a doubt a complicated City; neighborhoods and areas are a complex patchwork that cannot be organized using conventional postcodes or roads. Even property professionals still argue over the exact boundaries of the Central Business District (CBD). Condos vary in price, specification and popularity thus resulting in a wide difference in price between condos that sometimes sit side-by-side.…Read More

Old Bangkok Condos an Opportunity?

At the time of this Article’s publication, MahaNakhon officially Bangkok’s tallest building was officially inaugurated and celebrated as an iconic masterpiece in residential and commercial design. A simple review of this past year shows that Bangkok’s Central Business District, saw no shortage of luxury and ultra-luxury Project launches and completions. With all this hype surrounding new residential projects, second-hand Condos…Read More

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