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The Best Bangkok Neighborhoods for Expats to Live!

Bangkok is an amazing city, with dramatically different neighborhoods that offer enormously varied lifestyle options. However the sheer size of the Capital and it’s multitude of areas can quickly overwhelm and confuse! Where to live, is often a highly personal decision based on an individual’s situation and preferences. While there is definitely no “one size fits all” solution to living…Read More

Bangkok Rental Guide: Renting Short-Term or Month-by-Month

Are you relocating to Bangkok for the first time? Moving to the City, for a short course or an internship? Or simply, unsure of your professional or personal situation? One’s personal situation and circumstance, often means that flexible rental terms such as “month-by-month” or short-term leases (1-3 Months) are often a preferred rental option! However despite this large demand for…Read More

5 Websites to Find Expat Jobs in Bangkok

Unfortunately, working legally in Thailand requires companies to sponsor the Work Permit and Employment Visa of a foreign national. This process is particularly bureaucratic and complying with immigration and labor department requirements are costly investments. This obstacle is unfortunately not the only issue with hiring an expat, on a practical level (Especially with the language barrier) local companies could potentially…Read More

5 Amazing Bangkok Co-Working Spaces to Work, Network and Collaborate!

The Bangkok Startup Scene offers one of the most vibrant business ecosystems in South East Asia! With many dubbing the City of Angels, South East Asia’s next Silicon Valley. Many factors have contributed to this dramatic shift, from Government-backed initiatives, Thailand’s growing middle-class, affordable cost of doing business, to the city’s unparalleled lifestyle. On top of this, Bangkok’s central geographic…Read More

25 Reasons Why Living in Bangkok is Amazing!

Bangkok offers a vibrant, eclectic and exciting lifestyle like no other! Here are 25 Reasons why the City of Angels is the best place in the WORLD to live, work and play… 1. Incredibly Friendly Thais Bangkok would be a city like any other, without its welcoming, bubbly and refreshing local residents! 2. Awesome Food Scene Truly a foodie’s paradise;…Read More

5 Central Bangkok “Sois” Offering Awesome Lifestyles

Bangkok’s unique lifestyle and charm, is in large part because of the City’s “Sois” (Thai word for Side Streets) that develop in webs alongside major commercial roads (I.e. Sukhumvit Road and Sathorn Road). These Sois often harbor tight-knit communities, relaxing environments and offer great work-life balance to its residents. This unique urban arrangement inadvertently produces residential pockets and even peaceful…Read More

The Best Parks and Green Spaces in Central Bangkok

With its massive collection of high-rises, shopping malls and quaint shop houses, central Bangkok can feel like a frenetic urban jungle. The city is bursting with energy and its residents always seem in a rush to move-forward and advance. Bangkok is in a state of constant flux and is always evolving, making the city a sprawling construction site! All this…Read More

5 Places to buy Furniture and Home Accessories in Bangkok!

Looking to personalize, decorate and equip your condo? Not too sure where to buy furniture, home appliances and home decorations in Bangkok? Look no further… here is a list of 5 Places to go shopping: 1. Ikea Let’s start off with an obvious and over-mentioned store, IKEA! Ask any European Expat about furniture and they will probably advise you to…Read More