Jittery Hong Kong Investors- Good News for Bangkok Property?

The controversial Hong Kong extradition bill and the sporadic protests that followed its announcement, has created an unprecedented tense and volatile environment in the Special Administrative Region.

In recent weeks, Fresh’s Sales Team has recorded a “renewed uptick” in Hong Kong buyer interest and registrations.

This is reflected in both number of inquiries recorded and volume of HK visits to Fresh’s website.

While this uptrend is still a far cry from 2017-18 HK frenzy, when investors’ enthusiasm for Bangkok real estate reached its high point; this uptick could be a positive reversal for Bangkok’s sluggish market.


HK Buyers have been making a return … Will this trend continue?


Comments by Eric C. a recently registered Hong Kong buyer, who agreed to be mentioned in this article:

“Since HK property is expensive and out of reach for me… I usually invest my savings in stocks or investment funds, but I am concerned about the current political situation back home!”

Eric also added:

“Many of my friends and colleagues are also exploring overseas property investments to diversify and for financial security… Some of them are looking at destinations such as the UK and others even Malaysia. I have been considering Bangkok for some time, as I travel here often and like the lifestyle.”

Encouraged by recent events, spooked Hong Kong investors are returning to Bangkok’s real estate. Some adventurous investors are even prospecting the secondary resale market; looking for safe turnkey assets that can produce immediate rental income!

Whether this trend persists, only time will tell…

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