Thai- International JVs: What are Bangkok’s Developers Building?



A growing trend that is defining the condominium market, is the emerging interest of foreign companies and the increasing levels of foreign direct investment into local JV Partnerships!

Interestingly, International Companies are taking a shine to Bangkok’s booming market and the prospects of opportunistic returns. On the flip-side Thai Developers are increasingly aware that they are operating in an incredibly competitive market and are seeking ways to develop competitive advantages. Therefore, in a bid to standout, many are turning to Joint Ventures with International Partners from countries as diverse as Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

In doing so, local developers are hoping to leverage JV Partnerships to gain a variety of advantages. This ranges from capital investment, construction technology, or even design and architecture expertise.

Interestingly, many Thai Developers are also tapping into JV partnerships in an attempt to gain extended sales and marketing exposure in their partner’s home markets.

Examples of Projects Developed via JV Partnerships:


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