Pet Friendly Condos and Apartments in Central Bangkok

This is a fact that will surprise many …
It is NOTORIOUSLY HARD to find pet friendly accommodation in Bangkok!

Usually due to the affordable nature and the convenient lifestyle they offer, condos or apartments are the obvious first choice for anyone looking to live in Central Bangkok. Despite being a huge city with hundreds of residential buildings, the majority of condos and apartments have strict “no pet” policies.

The reason for these policies is usually a concern that in compact city residences, cats and dogs may cause noise or even hygiene issues; this would be an annoyance for non-pet owning residents. So, to “play it safe” and to avoid the hassle, most building managements prefer to ban our furry friends outright.


Pet Friendly Bangkok Condos


How about discreetly sneaking pets into a rental property?

The limited pet friendly rental options available in Bangkok, often lead some pet owners to consider being “sneaky”. Many renters reason that a cat or a small lap dog can easily be hidden in the comfort and privacy of a rental condo or apartment without anyone knowing.

This is a common occurrence, but long-term this is an impractical arrangement; pets need fresh air from time-to-time and keeping them in a condo forever is not ideal. It is also important to note that unfortunately, there can be serious consequences to going down this route:

  • If done without the knowledge of the landlord, this could lead to an early termination of the lease and a forced eviction without a refund of the security deposit.
  • Alternatively, if the management office finds out about the infraction, they could put pressure on the landlord to terminate the renter’s lease immediately, impose “fines” and even withhold management office services.

These two situations tend to be unpleasant, stressful and inconvenient as a move out in these circumstances generally has to be done without delay. Therefore, Fresh Property tends to shy away from recommending such impractical arrangements!


Pets Bangkok Living


Bangkok Pet Friendly Condos & Apartments

So, what are your accommodation options if you have a dog or cat?

  1. Part with your Pet!
  2. Selecting a Townhouse/ Single House where the landlord accepts pets.
  3. Selecting a Pet Friendly Condo or Apartment*

1. Part with your Pet!

We will immediately assume that “Option 1.” is DEFINITELY out of the question!

2. Townhouse or Single House

Townhouses or single houses options are available throughout Bangkok with some properties offering large gardens and even private pools!

The city offers a large selection of spacious, comfortable and well-presented houses. This can be a great living option especially for renters with large dogs such as Labradors, German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers.

Unfortunately, Central Bangkok houses are usually expensive and over budget for many renters. Alternatively, renters can settle for rental houses in Bangkok’s suburbs but they may need to compromise on convenience and travel proximity to the City Center.

3. Pet Friendly Condos or Apartments

Some residences in Bangkok promote themselves as “Pet Friendly Homes” and as a result they become popular rental options servicing this niche market. These pet friendly residences usually allow small and medium sized dogs up to 10kg and usually have larger outdoor areas and facilities for the convenience of residents and their pets.

This makes the lifestyle and community environment of these buildings incredibly pleasant and appealing for pet owners. Most city professionals tend to select this option as it allows them to keep pets while still living in convenient locations in close proximity to Bangkok’s business centers.

Fresh Property has compiled a complete list of pet friendly condos and apartments!
This list will be updated periodically whenever new projects are completed and ready to move-in.

Bangkok Pet Friendly Condos & Apartments



*Certain buildings, have special conditions and restrictions that need to be checked beforehand.
*Pet Friendly Condo List is subject to change. 

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