Pet Friendly Condos and Apartments in Central Bangkok

Pet Owners beware!

Despite being an exciting and vibrant city to live and work, Bangkok offers notoriously limited Pet Friendly housing options.

Usually due to their affordable nature and the convenient lifestyle they offer, Condos or Apartments are the obvious first choice for anyone looking to live in Central Bangkok. However, a vast majority of these buildings have strict restrictions against keeping pets. Failing to respect these rules and regulation can result in forced evictions and/or even fines imposed by the Condo/Apartment’s Building Management.

Pet Friendly Bangkok Condos

So what are your housing options if you have a cat or dog?

1. Selecting a Pet Friendly Condo or Apartment*
2. Selecting a Townhouse where the landlord accepts pets.
3. Part with your Pet!

*Another option that is not recommended is to secretly sneak your pet into the Condo or Apartment. While this is common and sometimes done with full consent of the landlord, it can lead to stressful situations and disputes.

Unfortunately centrally located townhouses are an incredibly expensive option and we imagine (…and hope) that “option 3” is not a consideration!

Pets Bangkok Living

Therefore the main option is to consider a Pet Friendly Condo or Apartment where the building regulations allow Pets.

To help in your property search here is a list of buildings that allows cats and dogs:

*Certain buildings, have special conditions and restrictions that need to be checked beforehand.
*Pet Friendly Condo List is subject to change. 

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