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Phra Khanong BTS


Phra Khanong is a residential hotspot in Sukhumvit. It is a popular address that attracts both middle-class Thais and Expats.

The area is geographically well-located, as local residents can connect to central Bangkok (I.e. Thong Lo, Phrom Phong and Asoke) within 15 Minutes using the BTS Skytain. While technically only about 800 meters from the Ekamai neighborhood, Condos are generally more affordable and good-value.

This combination of convenient travel and good-value residential properties has consolidated Phra Khanong’s position as a popular option for working professionals. Condos offered tend to be of a good-quality and modern standard; in most cases these buildings cater to the mid-level market segment.

Local Life Overview

Sandwiched between Ekamai and On Nut, the area tends to be less-commercial and hectic compared to its neighboring counterparts. While Phra Khanong offers a long list of quality condo options at great price-levels, in terms of leisure venues and commercial attractions the area tends to be quieter and more peaceful. This gives a residential quality to the area, as it offers a more stable and tranquil community atmosphere.

At present, some of the neighborhood’s top leisure options include:


W District Entrance

This commercial/retail venue is a mixed-used development consisting of several sections:

-Le Luk and Skywalk (Residential Condos)
-Hoff Art Space (Art Exhibition)
-Beat Hotel Bangkok
-Lifestyle Mall

The Lifestyle Mall is a community hotspot and it offers a multitude of restaurants, stores and cafes.

W District Shops

On top of this, the developers of the Complex use the venue to host the “W-market”. This is a Thai style open air dining experience with a variety of food stalls and menu options offered.

Local Eateries, Cafes and Shops

Phra Khanong Coffee Shop

Phra Khanong’s popularity as a residential option has not gone unnoticed and the area is experiencing an increase in cafe, restaurant and shop launches. Many of these amazing ventures can be discovered by simply strolling along Sukhumvit Road (Next to the BTS).

Coffee Shop and Eatery Phra Khanong

This is positively impacting the lifestyle of residents, adding a unique and independent charm to the local living experience.

Property Investment Overview

The success and popularity of Phra Khanong as a residential property hotspot means that generally Condos in the neighborhood are good rental investments. The area benefits from a stable rental demand also since sales prices of condos are still good-value Rental Yields offered are solid and consistent.

BTS Train Phra Khanong

On a Capital Appreciation level, this part of Bangkok is presenting an attractive investment case. It benefits from spillover investment due to its geographical location and transport convenience. Many investors who get priced out of neighboring Thong Lo/Ekamai (Two desirable locations) instead consider investing in Phra Khanong as an alternative. Interestingly, several residential developers have started to capitalize on this market shift, notably Sansiri and AP (Thai) who have both launched new projects notably:

The Line Sukhumvit 71 (By Sansiri)

This residential project is located next to the W-District and consists of a 28 Floor Condo offering a total of 291 Units. The Condo offers a unique architecture that allows individual units to benefit from amazing views through “Full Height Windows”. In terms of amenities, residents will have access to a gym, pool, library and rooftop garden.

Life Sukhumvit 48 (By AP)

Having successfully completed Aspire 48, the developer has aggressively launched Life Sukhumvit 48. This Project will consist of two residential buildings, with Building N offering a total of 19 Floors (153 Residential Units) and Building S offering 31 Floors (459 Units).

These two ambitious residential projects, illustrate the growth and potential investment returns that Phra Khanong is offering. Anyone familiar with the location will agree that the neighborhood can benefit from residential and commercial redevelopment and expansion. At present the area is a collection of mismatched shop houses without any particular crowd-puller or landmark leisure option.

New Projects are in the pipeline or underway; perhaps the most exciting development is the launch of a Community Mall, on a plot of land located right next to the BTS Station. Considering how many Thai and Expat households the area hosts, this development was long overdue.

This Empty Plot of Land will be Transformed into a Community Mall!

This is unlikely to be the last gentrification project, especially considering Phra Khanong’s residential density and its geographical proximity to prime Ekamai/Central Bangkok.

Phra Khanong Condo Options

This residential location offers numerous types of condos, to suit residents with different types of profiles or requirements. This ranges from old to brand new condominiums and premium to lower-cost residences.

Some of Bangkok’s top residential developers have launched condos in the area. There are also several options developed by more independent and lesser-known developers. This diversity and quality of the condo options offered, makes the area popular.

Geographically most of the condos in Phra Khanong are clustered within walking distance of the BTS Skytrain Station. Scattered on both sides of Sukhumvit Road, some of the popular condo options in the area include:

Wyne Sukhumvit
Life at Sukhumvit
Aspire Sukhumvit 48
The Bloom Sukhumvit 71
Rhythm Sukhumvit 44/1

Pictures of some Condo Options offered:

Life 65 Building

Life @ Sukhumvit


Life 65 Lobby

Stylish Life @ Sukhumvit Lobby


Wyne Entrance

Wyne Sukhumvit


Wyne Pool 2

Wyne Sukhumvit Beautiful Pool!


Life 67 Entrance

Life @ Sukhumvit 67

Life Sukhumvit 67 Poolside

Life @ Sukhumvit 67 Gorgeous Rooftop Pool!

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