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It may come as a surprise to many, however Thailand’s Property Agency Sector is completely unregulated. It is important to note, that local property agents are not regulated by any industry specific legislation and are not required to hold a license!

As a result, agencies, freelancers and even part-time agents are popping-up all over Bangkok. Unfortunately, this means property searchers and landlords are subject to varying levels of standards and service.

However, despite this chaotic state of affairs, at least one reassuring aspect of the Capital’s Property market is that Commission Rates for secondhand residential property have standardized as follows:


Some General Bangkok Property Agency Standards:

– Sales and Rental Commission is paid by the Landlord/Seller and in Bangkok property searchers do not need to pay their Property Agents a finder’s fee.

– Local Bangkok Agents do not charge for Inventory, Lease Agreement or Sales and Purchase Agreement drafting and preparation.

– Bangkok Agents usually do not charge extra Marketing Fees for services such as photography of the property, online campaigns, open houses, etc.

Calculating Commission Examples:

1. Sales Commission

3% of Agreed Sales Price


Agreed Sales Price= 10 MB Condo

– 3/100 x 10,000,000= 300,000 THB Commission Due to Agent

2. Rental Commission

6 Months Contract= ½ Month Rent Commission
1 Year Contract= 1 Month Rent Commission
2 Years Contract= 1.5 Month Rent Commission
3 Years Contract= 2 Month Rent Commission


Rental= 10,000 THB Per/Month

– 6 Months Contract= 5,000 THB
– 1 Year Contract= 10,000 THB
– 2 Years Contract= 15,000 THB
– 3 Years Contract= 20,000 THB

Some Extra Commission Info to Note:

– Developers may offer Bangkok Property Agents non-standard commission rates for the sale of off-plan projects.
– Commission rates and standards charged by Agencies outside Bangkok (I.e. Pattaya and Phuket) may vary.

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8 thoughts on “Property Agency Commission Rates in Bangkok

    • Fresh Editorial says:

      Hi Ernest,

      This can vary Agency-by-Agency, however usually it is common practice for landlords to pay a 1/2 Month Commission for a 1 Year Renewal.
      Hope this helps!

      Fresh Property Team

        • Fresh Editorial says:

          Hi Ay, thank you for your message.

          We would not advise this approach, Property Agents are hard working professionals and their commission fees are justified.

          The current Rental Market is quite challenging and there is a large amount of stock/ condo options on the market; therefore Agents are able to push their clients to other properties if required.

          Hope this helps!

        • Commission is most definitely negotiable, especially in todays market place. Three percent is high in comparison to many other countries and for this reason, the freelancers and the part timers that the above article mentions, are attracted to the market.
          It all depends upon how desirable your property is however remember that the agents need to sell to survive. I know a number of people who have agreed 2% and even 1.5% on more expensive property purchases.

      • Fresh Editorial says:

        Hey Maria, it would be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

        – 12,000 THB Per/Month
        – If 1 Year Lease= 12,000 THB
        – If 2 Months Rent= 2,000 THB<< It is important to note, that if you are using a "Short-term/ Vacation Rental Agency" Rate may be different. As a Vacation Rental Agency may also assist with cleaning, equipping unit and marketing the unit on "Booking Websites".


    From my knowledge property agents in Thailand are mostly not well educated and in a fact ,I have a feeling that they just want to rip off foreigners.

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