Bangkok Rental Process

The “Rental Process” in Bangkok can often seem like a murky and complicated affair.

Therefore this article will aim to simplify and clarify this “Process” into easy to understand steps; providing plenty of practical advice and tips to potential tenants!



Normally the “Rental Process” can be broken down into 5 distinct stages notably:

1. Offer and Requests
2. Condo Booking Fee Payment
3. Draft Rental Agreement and Inventory Review
4. Signing/ Check-in
5. Tenancy and Checkout

1. Offer and Requests

So you have found the right place and think the property has potential to be a comfortable home; it’s time to make an offer!

A question that gets asked a lot is what should I offer?

There is no right or wrong answer and unfortunately there is no rule of thumb when it comes to Rentals in Bangkok. However one thing is for sure, never be afraid to try haggle a bit over price, as this is totally acceptable and common practice. The best way is always to seek advice from your Rental Agent, as usually Landlords are open to discounting a few thousand baht (Obviously depending on the Marketing Price of the Unit).

If negotiating hard for a lower-price is your goal, a few factors that might help you and your Property Agent in the negotiations are:

– A fast Signing and Move-in (I.e. In 2-3 Days)
– Longer non-standard Rental Contract (I.e. Longer than 1 Year)
– Upfront Payment (I.e. 6 Months or even 1 Year Rental Payment in advance)

At this stage, additional “Requests” are usually stated and reviewed. There are a variety of “Requests” that could be considered and this is very much dependent on the property. Examples might include:

– Changing/Replacing the Sofa
– Fixing a Broken Shelf
– Providing an electrical appliance (I.e. Microwave or even Washing Machine)

Please note that it is always best to keep requests to a minimum, as this affects your monthly rental negotiations.

2. Condo Booking Fee Payment

Once a Price is agreed on and requests have been reviewed, the standard in Bangkok is usually to pay a “Booking Fee” to reserve the property. In Bangkok the Booking Fee is the equivalent of “1 Month Rent”. Rest-assured this Booking Fee will go toward your 1st Month’s Rent.

The Booking Fee is usually paid as a gesture of goodwill, to show you’re seriousness to the landlord. Upon receipt of the Booking Fee, the Landlord immediately stops all Marketing Activities.

It is important to note that once paid, the Booking Fee is non-refundable!
The only exception to this rule is if the Landlord fails to prepare the Unit as agreed and decides to refund the Booking Fee.

3. Draft Rental Agreement and Inventory Review

Once the Booking Fee is paid, your Property Agent will step into action and start Drafting a Rental Agreement and Inventory List. For this Process your Property Agent will usually request:

– A Copy of Passport (Photo Page)

In some cases:

– Copy of Work Permit

A good Property Agent/Agency will ensure you receive this beforehand, so you can review the documents in your own time.

In the meanwhile, the Landlord will start preparing the property; it is standard for the Unit and Air-cons to be professionally cleaned before your move-in.

4. Signing/ Check-in

Once everyone is happy with the Rental Agreement and Inventory, a Signing date and time is set. Since in most cases all Parties have reviewed the Documents beforehand this is usually a simple formality. Signings are usually the chance for you to meet and bond with your Landlord.

On that day, upon signing the Paperwork your Security Deposit will be due and this is equivalent to 2 Months’ Rent.
On that day make sure you have received:

– Signed Copy of Rental Agreement and Inventory
– Copy of Landlord’s ID or Passport
– Landlord’s Bank Account Details

On that day, once everything has been signed and you have paid, the Landlord will release Keys and Access Keycards to you!

5. Tenancy and Checkout

During the Tenancy, if there are any maintenance issues when living in a Condo immediately contact the Building Management, as they usually have Technicians/ Handymen on-hand. This will allow you to have an initial assessment of the issue, which you can then immediately refer, their suggestions to your Rental Agent/ Landlord.

Once your Rental Term is up, ensure you remove all essential personal belongings from the Unit. It is always a good idea to arrange for the property to be cleaned and restored to a presentable condition.

Your Security Deposit is usually refunded within a standard 15-30 Days. Please note, if the Property and its Fixtures and Fittings were damaged, the landlord may claim some deductions.

Rental Process Summary

As I am sure you have realized from this Article, the Rental Process is incredibly easy and straightforward. Our advice, is engage the services of a good Property Agency who can guide you through the Process smoothly!

A few quick points to remember:

– The equivalent of 3 Months’ Rent is paid to start a Rental Agreement. (1 Months’ Rent for Booking Fee/ 1st Months’ Rent and 2 Months’ Rent to cover the Security Deposit)
– Always ensure you receive the Draft Rental Agreement and Inventory before the Signing so you can review.

– During the Tenancy you can refer any maintenance issues to the Building Management Office.

– You Security Deposit is usually refunded 15-30 Days after Signing, provided the Unit has been returned in reasonable condition.

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