Rental Saving Tips: 3 Condo Types that Rent Cheaper in Central Bangkok!

With even 1-Bedders, in the trendiest neighborhoods such as Thonglor, Phrom Phong and Silom fetching up to 35,000 THB++ per month… Let’s face it, renting a condo in Central Bangkok can be surprisingly expensive.

So is it possible to find cheaper rentals in Central Bangkok?

Most, definitely!

Bangkok’s accommodation options are extremely diverse and rental prices are not always dictated by the area in which the Condo is located!

As long as you are willing to compromise on condo types and the property specs, it is always possible to find more affordable options in the most desirable and vibrant areas in the Capital.

Here are 3 Types of Condos that generally rent cheaper:

1. Low-Rise Condos

Despite offering peaceful and private living environments, these buildings are often tucked away and hidden in smaller roads. This means they generally do not benefit from the same marketing exposure as larger and more commercial high-rise condos.

Low-rise condos, despite being lesser-known often offer building facilities such as pool, gyms, lounges, etc… comparable to their high-rise counterparts.

Example of Great Value Low-Rise Condo


Zenith Place Sukhumvit 42 : Located only 5-10 Minutes (650m) from BTS Ekamai. It offers well-presented modern condo units that rent for 13-20,000 THB Per/Month only.  The Condo has great amenities, such as a Rooftop Pool, Garden Area and Fitness Room.

2. Further away from the BTS/MRT

Rental rates of condos in Central Bangkok are often dictated by the relative distance of the building to the closest BTS/MRT station. With Condos in close proximity to mass transit stations fetching the highest monthly rent.

Interestingly, condos only a few minute walk away from the BTS/MRT can offer dramatically reduced rental rates.

Examples of Affordable Condos further away from BTS/MRT:


The Clover Thonglor: Despite being approx. 1.6 Km from BTS Thonglor, it is located in the heart of the trendy and vibrant Thonglor neighborhood. It offers a peaceful living environment with relaxing and comfortable building amenities. It is possible to get a 1-Bed at competitive rates (18-25,000 THB Per/Month).



Ceil By Sansiri: Luxury High Rise located 1.5 Km from BTS Ekamai. It offers ultra-sleek facilities such as a large pool and well-equipped gym. It is possible to find 1-Bed rental units between the range of 17-25,000 THB Per/Month.

3. “Older” Condos

A simple rule of thumb in Bangkok, the newer the condo the more expensive it is to rent. This is normal as fresh building amenities and a brand new interiors are always expected to command premiums.

Therefore slightly older buildings (Even 1 or 2 Years older), are often rented at lower rates despite offering quasi-comparable amenities and condos types (I.e. Similar Location, Unit Sizes, Layouts, Views etc…).

Examples of “Older” Condos Offering Amazing Value:


Grand Park View: Is located in the heart of Asoke (Sukhumvit 21) and is ideal for working professionals who can access MRT Phetchaburi or BTS Asoke. Despite the Condo being completed in 2005, the amenities are in great condition. 1 Bed Units are rented at affordable rates (18-25,000 THB Per/Month)



59 Heritage: Is a condo completed in 2009, and it is located in the heart of trendy Thonglor. The Condo offers functional amenities (Pool and Gym) and Condos are spacious and comfortable. (Rental Rates range between 18-25,000 THB Per/Month)

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