5 Practical Tips for a Fast Security Deposit Refund!

The Security Deposit is always a sensitive detail of every Rental Lease!

To make things even more complicated, Security Deposits are traditionally kept by the Landlord. While this is a natural and standard part of the rental process, this creates an immediate “conflict of interest”!



In our Agency’s experience 90% of landlords are flexible and understanding; happy to refund Security Deposits without too much hassle.

However on the flip side of things, some landlords do tend to try to find reasons to maximize security deposit deductions. While this may seem unfair and arbitrary, this is a reality of the local rental market. Therefore it is always better to be pro-active and give no reason for a landlord to request deductions!

Fresh Property will provide 5 tips which will allow you to navigate your way to a fast and hopefully full Security Deposit refund!

1. On-going Maintenance/Cleaning during Tenancy

The interior of condos are often built and fitted with materials that are easily damaged through prolonged wear and tear. Therefore special effort must be taken to have the property cleaned regularly. Special attention must be given to areas prone to liquid exposure such as:

-Kitchen Floors
-Bathroom Tiles
-Living Room Floors

Most Condos are fitted with laminate or “mock wood” tiles that get easily damaged/ discolored when in prolonged contact with liquids (I.e. Oil, Water, Beverages, etc.).

It is also important to report issues immediately, as even minor issues can quickly deteriorate. Issues such as small leaks in the bathroom, flimsy door handles or non-functioning electrical appliances should be brought to the Landlord’s attention!

As they say… “Prevention is always better than cure!

2. Notice Period & Viewings

It is always a good idea to provide your landlord with a full “1 Month Notice” informing him that you will not be renewing the lease. Also, as a tenant you should invite the landlord to re-market the unit and be open/flexible with viewings being conducted on the Unit!

There is no better scenario than having another replacement tenant lined-up for the property after you move-out! This would mean your Landlord, will need to rush the move-out processes to accommodate for the new tenant.

From experience, Fresh Property has even had cases where the landlord is willing to provide a “pro-rata rental refund”, as the new client wanted to move in, before the official end of the lease of the current tenant!

3. Arrange Cleaning (1 Last Time)

Most people make the assumption that moving out of a condo is like checking out of a hotel room. This is definitely not the case and if the unit is left in a messy condition upon move-out, the landlord will immediately seek deductions for cleaning!

By returning a dirty property you are inevitably setting yourself up for an argument with the landlord. To avoid this uncomfortable situation it would be a low-cost investment to simply get a cleaner to visit 1 last time before your move-out!

4. Remove Personal Belongings

Move-out the personal belongings you will be keeping and bin the items you will not be taking with you. In many cases we see Tenants leaving food in the fridge, empty boxes and toiletries in the bathroom.

The best thing for presentational reasons is to leave the property as it was when you moved-in. This will allow the Property Agents and Landlord to inspect the property without bias or clutter.

5. Cancel the Internet!

For mysterious reasons, Tenants often forget to cancel their internet subscriptions. This ends up costing the landlord money (Internet Providers charge for cancellation) and time (They need to visit the Provider’s shop). This will have two unwanted effects:

– You will be blacklisted by the Internet Provider!
– Landlord will be annoyed that he has to go through this process!

In Bangkok, the best way forward is to act respectfully and treat others the way you want to be treated! Be mindful of the Condo you are renting, as this is an important asset that the landlord has worked hard to acquire.

Follow these 5 simple tips and a fast Security Deposit refund should be easy!

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