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The Top 5 Websites to Kick-Off your Property Search

Starting a property search in Bangkok can be a daunting and nerve racking experience. The city covers approximately 1500+ Square Kilometers, with hundreds of neighborhoods and literally thousands of condos and houses to choose from! Whether you are looking for an investment or simply a rental property, starting you search online is probably the wisest and most time efficient way…Read More

5 Awesome Budget Bangkok Condo Rental Locations

Central Bangkok, offers an incredibly appealing lifestyle from luxury malls, world-class eateries, to an eclectic collection of leisure venues such as hip cafes, trendy bars and clubs. Unfortunately living in the Capital’s prime areas such as Phrom Phong, Asoke, Ploenchit, and Silom does not come cheap. “Space comes at a premium” in the Capital, with 1-Bed Rental Condos in the…Read More

Pet Friendly Condos and Apartments in Central Bangkok

Pet Owners beware! Despite being an exciting and vibrant city to live and work, Bangkok offers notoriously limited Pet Friendly housing options. Usually due to their affordable nature and the convenient lifestyle they offer, Condos or Apartments are the obvious first choice for anyone looking to live in Central Bangkok. However, a vast majority of these buildings have strict restrictions…Read More

Is it legal to Airbnb Condos in Thailand?

With its global presence in a total 65,000+ Cities, 191+ Countries and a total of 3+ Million Vacation Rentals, Airbnb is a phenomenon taking Thailand by storm! The simplicity of the turnkey service is proving incredibly attractive for condo landlords looking to generate extra-income. However Airbnb’s disruptive business model has placed it in direct opposition with several stakeholders notably the…Read More

Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Renting in Bangkok

Bangkok offers renters an overwhelming amount of choice! With literally hundreds of condos, apartments and neighborhoods to choose from, it is important NOT to get carried away. During your Property Search, stay calm and collected at all times; making sure not to throw “common sense” out of the window. Here are common pitfalls that you may come across in the…Read More

5 Central Bangkok “Sois” Offering Awesome Lifestyles

Bangkok’s unique lifestyle and charm, is in large part because of the City’s “Sois” (Thai word for Side Streets) that develop in webs alongside major commercial roads (I.e. Sukhumvit Road and Sathorn Road). These Sois often harbor tight-knit communities, relaxing environments and offer great work-life balance to its residents. This unique urban arrangement inadvertently produces residential pockets and even peaceful…Read More

Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Condos and Apartments in Bangkok

Renting in Bangkok can be incredibly confusing, especially with the language gap, the dazzling multitude of accommodation options and lack of fixed rental standards! This guide was carefully edited and curated with the aim to give expats a complete overview of the rental process from “A-Z”. Peppered throughout this article, are links to additional resources that will help relocating expats…Read More

Where to live in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s bustling streets, breathtaking maze of buildings and amazing people make the city a unique destination for expats. This energetic vibe attracts and encourages thousands of Expats every year, to relocate to Bangkok for both professional and personal reasons! However, Bangkok can be incredibly confusing especially with its multitude of roads (With odd names) and crisscrossing patchwork of neighborhoods. To…Read More

10 Reasons why Bangkok Condo Living is Awesome!

Despite some occasional minor discomforts (I.e. Sweaty commutes, terrible traffic, flash floods during the rainy season…), Bangkok is an amazing lifestyle destination! Every inch of the capital has its own character from vibrant, eclectic to peaceful. Every single day in the city, is a journey and a wondrous adventure. You’ll never get bored in Bangkok as there are a million…Read More

Renting a Condo in Bangkok FAQ

Bangkok can feel like a sprawling urban jungle! With its literal maze of intertwined office towers, condos, shops houses and shopping malls, the city can be an intimidating destination. Despite being an international and cosmopolitan city with a steady rental market, clients often complain that renting a condo in Bangkok is a confusing experience. This issue is made worse by…Read More

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