Tenant Guide

Should I Consider Apartment Living?

For foreigners the concept of distinguishing between apartments and Condos must seem odd; as overseas these words are simply synonyms and mean exactly the same thing. NOT IN BANGKOK! There is a big distinction between what expats/locals/property agents call “condos” and “apartments”. Without getting into legal mumbo jumbo about title deeds and ownership, to put it simply: -Condos are owned…Read More

Lease Takeover Explained

Bangkok is a truly international city, where working professionals from different nationalities, backgrounds and professions converge and mix. This diversity makes the city a truly cosmopolitan melting pot and it is no surprise why Bangkok is easily one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. However a fact of the city is that its residents are extremely transient…Read More

Extra Costs During Tenancy!

When moving into a new country/city, taking on a new lease can often feel overwhelming and confusing. Probably, the biggest detail that is on every renter’s mind is: What are the addition costs of renting a property? This article, will review the “Additional Costs” of a Rental Condo which can usually be broken down into: – Maintenance Costs – Utility…Read More

Bangkok Rental Process

The “Rental Process” in Bangkok can often seem like a murky and complicated affair. Therefore this article will aim to simplify and clarify this “Process” into easy to understand steps; providing plenty of practical advice and tips to potential tenants! Normally the “Rental Process” can be broken down into 5 distinct stages notably: 1. Offer and Requests 2. Booking Fee…Read More

Finding the Right Bangkok Condo!

Whether you start your property search by yourself or by engaging the services of a Property Agent, it is always important to qualify/ determine your requirements beforehand. Bangkok is a huge city and each Area offers its own unique lifestyle proposition at different rental price tags. Therefore to avoid disappointment and frustration, it is always important to determine/ consider the…Read More

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