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The 3 Tallest Buildings in Bangkok

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city and an international business hub that attracts residents from around the world. This economic and social expansion, has inevitably transformed the urban landscape. As a result Bangkok now offers a stunning and world-class skyline! This brings about the BIG question: What are the 3 tallest buildings in Bangkok? Quick note before starting, in a rapidly…Read More

Can Foreigners Own Property in Thailand?

Buying property anywhere in the world from established markets, to more speculative frontier economies should always be an exercise in due diligence and caution. Property transactions, usually involve large sums of money; therefore it is always important for buyers to proceed with an understanding of the local legal landscape. Foreign Property Ownership in Thailand is tightly regulated and follows a…Read More

10 Reasons why Bangkok Condo Living is Awesome!

Despite some occasional minor discomforts (I.e. Sweaty commutes, terrible traffic, flash floods during the rainy season…), Bangkok is an amazing lifestyle destination! Every inch of the capital has its own character from vibrant, eclectic to peaceful. Every single day in the city, is a journey and a wondrous adventure. You’ll never get bored in Bangkok as there are a million…Read More

Renting a Condo in Bangkok FAQ

Bangkok can feel like a sprawling urban jungle! With its literal maze of intertwined office towers, condos, shops houses and shopping malls, the city can be an intimidating destination. Despite being an international and cosmopolitan city with a steady rental market, clients often complain that renting a condo in Bangkok is a confusing experience. This issue is made worse by…Read More

Rama IX-Ratchada Bangkok’s Next CBD?

The Bangkok property market is in a constant state of flux, with whole neighborhoods constantly evolving residentially and commercially. Interestingly, Bangkok and its multi-billion baht property industry, is constantly the source of rumors, speculation and trends. This is the inevitable result of the constantly changing dynamics of how the city operates, as both a home and place to work for…Read More

3 Commercial Developments transforming Sukhumvit!

When investing in Bangkok Condos, it is important for investors to consider the qualitative aspects of a property. These qualitative factors tend to relate mostly to the lifestyle and desirability of a Condo’s location. A neighborhood’s appeal and its ability to retain and attract a diverse local community, can determine whether an investment generates positive or negative returns. There are…Read More

Where is Bangkok’s Central Business District?

Bangkok can be a daunting city to explore and evaluate, for Property Investors as it offers a confusing selection of neighborhoods and roads. Interestingly conventional geographical delineations such as postcodes and even districts have very little meaning in this sprawling megacity. To make matters worse, Property Professionals and Developers use expressions such as “Central Business District (CBD)” and “Prime area”…Read More

Ploenchit Property Guide

Area Overview Home to a collection of Embassies such as The United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland Embassy to name a few, Ploenchit has established a reputation for being the Capital’s official embassy quarters. The neighborhood also hosts a multitude of up-scale leisure venues, such as 5-star hotels, chic dining establishments and expensive shopping malls. On top of this, Ploenchit…Read More

The Best Parks and Green Spaces in Central Bangkok

With its massive collection of high-rises, shopping malls and quaint shop houses, central Bangkok can feel like a frenetic urban jungle. The city is bursting with energy and its residents always seem in a rush to move-forward and advance. Bangkok is in a state of constant flux and is always evolving, making the city a sprawling construction site! All this…Read More

Phrom Phong Property Guide

Area Overview Phrom Phong has consistently established a reputation for offering a desirable and appealing lifestyle, with a little bit of everything for everyone. This ranges from active working professionals, families with children, to even retirees. The attraction to the neighborhood is due to a combination of convenience, quality residential options and an exciting range of entertainment venues. Interestingly Phrom…Read More

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