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5 Tips to Reduce Vacancy Period of your Rental Property

Bangkok is the urban center of Thailand and an active economic powerhouse within South East Asia therefore it should come as no surprise that the city benefits from a healthy rental market. The capital, benefits from an established population of expats which range from working professionals, diplomats and retirees. On top of this the community is constantly being refreshed by…Read More

Diplomatic Clause Explained!

Bangkok is a major expat hub due to its multitude of business and career opportunities. However this also makes the international community of residents living in the city extremely transient and temporary. Many of the working professionals are on project or assignment based employment contracts while others have recently been transferred or relocated (From Overseas). Many of these individuals face…Read More

The Pros and Cons of Corporate Tenants!

The first question, what is a Corporate Tenant? Very simply explained, Bangkok is an important economic hub within South East Asia and as a result numerous national and international companies have their headquarters based in the City. This means business and career opportunities abound and Bangkok is a particularly popular expat destination for work. Numerous companies often provide “housing allowances”…Read More

Guide to Pet Friendly Condos and Homes!

Bangkok is an incredibly diverse city, with a little bit of everything for everyone! The City offers numerous shopping options from luxury to low-priced, eating/dining choices from Thai to Italian, and attractions from museums to sport centers. On top of this Bangkok is a vibrant commercial and economic hotspot within South East Asia and as a result business and career…Read More

Should I Consider Apartment Living?

For foreigners the concept of distinguishing between apartments and Condos must seem odd; as overseas these words are simply synonyms and mean exactly the same thing. NOT IN BANGKOK! There is a big distinction between what expats/locals/property agents call “condos” and “apartments”. Without getting into legal mumbo jumbo about title deeds and ownership, to put it simply: -Condos are owned…Read More

Brief Bangkok Condo Developer Guide

Bangkok is without a doubt a complicated City; neighborhoods and areas are a complex patchwork that cannot be organized using conventional postcodes or roads. Even property professionals still argue over the exact boundaries of the Central Business District (CBD). Condos vary in price, specification and popularity thus resulting in a wide difference in price between condos that sometimes sit side-by-side.…Read More

Old Bangkok Condos an Opportunity?

At the time of this Article’s publication, MahaNakhon officially Bangkok’s tallest building was officially inaugurated and celebrated as an iconic masterpiece in residential and commercial design. A simple review of this past year shows that Bangkok’s Central Business District, saw no shortage of luxury and ultra-luxury Project launches and completions. With all this hype surrounding new residential projects, second-hand Condos…Read More

Lease Takeover Explained

Bangkok is a truly international city, where working professionals from different nationalities, backgrounds and professions converge and mix. This diversity makes the city a truly cosmopolitan melting pot and it is no surprise why Bangkok is easily one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. However a fact of the city is that its residents are extremely transient…Read More

Checkout Inventory List

Provided a property is correctly prepared before the tenant moves-in, tenancies tend to be drama-free and relaxing affairs. In most cases monthly rent simply rolls into the landlord’s account and the tenant goes about his/her life peacefully enjoying the property. However this carefree experience can quickly develop into a stressful situation upon checkout simply based on the simple principle: “The…Read More

Extra Costs During Tenancy!

When moving into a new country/city, taking on a new lease can often feel overwhelming and confusing. Probably, the biggest detail that is on every renter’s mind is: What are the addition costs of renting a property? This article, will review the “Additional Costs” of a Rental Condo which can usually be broken down into: – Maintenance Costs – Utility…Read More

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