Where to Buy Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok homebuyers and investors frequently ask our sales agents the following questions:

Where are the best areas to buy property?
Where are the top investment neighborhoods?
Where are the most popular places to buy a home?

Bangkok is a huge city and the answer to these questions, are likely to be highly-subjective.

It is difficult to offer a “one-size-fits-all” answer, as numerous factors such as property requirements, lifestyle and budget play an important role in determining the best locations for a buyer!


Best-Neighborhood-to Buy Property in Bangkok

The Best Locations to Buy Property in Bangkok?


With that being said and all things being equal, if our sales team had to select their favorite neighborhoods…

…Where would our sales agents recommend buying property?

Here is a selection of the top neighborhoods to buy property in Bangkok!

We’ve categorized our recommendations into 3 primary buying objectives (Investment, Prestige and Lifestyle).

Fresh’s sales team’s 5 favorite neighborhoods are as follows:


1. Investment:
On Nut

2. Prestige & Exclusivity:

3. Lifestyle:
Phrom Phong

Let’s review each area and evaluate the reasons that makes these neighborhoods super popular and attractive buys!

Buying Objective: Investment

Residential property investors, tend to focus on maximizing their returns via capital appreciation and rental yields.

With these two factors in mind, Asoke the business and commercial neighborhood was selected for its capital appreciation potential and On Nut for its consistent rental yields and its up-and-coming popularity as a rental hotspot!

1. Asoke



Asoke is an established section of Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD), it is a vibrant business and commercial hub with an appealing lifestyle. As a section of the core CBD, Asoke offers investment stability and security. The area benefits from a range of positive investment factors notably:

  • Established Business Hub

Several national and international businesses are headquartered in the area; especially along Sukhumvit 21 Road, that hosts a collection of office towers.

  • Convenient Travel

Asoke is the host of the main BTS/ MRT Mass Transit interchange, meaning it is a central transport hub for commuters and travellers. The Airport Rail Link, also offers a convenient and fast way to travel from Asoke’s Makkasan Station to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

  • Area Development & Gentrification


Recently completed Singha Complex on the corner of the Phetchaburi Intersection.


Despite being an established business centre, the area is still developing and its urban landscape is rapidly transforming. Several expansive mixed-use projects are being developed in the area, such as the newly completed Singha Complex and The Parq on the Rama 4 Intersection.

2. On Nut



On Nut is transforming into an increasingly popular rental hotspot for both Thais and Expats looking for affordable rentals. The area offers fast rental take-up rates, strong yields and relative sales affordability. Reasons to buy in On Nut include:

  • Relative Affordability & Wide Selection of Condos


On Nut offers a selection of Condos by established developers!


Condos by a range of established developers from Sansiri, AP Thailand, Ananda Development are available on the market. Condominium projects in the neighborhood are still available at reasonable prices (Especially compared to Central Bangkok), that range from 90,000-140,000 THB. Making them attractive buys from buy-to-let investors looking for easy to re-sell units.

  • High Rental Yields & Fast Rental

While this is a generalization, On Nut condos on average produce higher rental yields of between 5-7%. On top of this, there is generally a consistent and dynamic rental demand from both Thais and expat tenants. These rental clients are usually attracted to On Nut’s reasonable rental rates (I.e. 1-bedders rent for only 10-25k per/month only)

Buying Objective: Prestige & Exclusivity

For ultra-affluent buyers, acquiring a property is a statement and their acquisition is fuelled by a desire to show their status and success. Buyers looking for a status symbol or a legacy asset should immediately turn their attention to Ploenchit, Bangkok’s most exclusive (…and expensive) address!

3. Ploenchit



Ploenchit is a neighborhood with cachet and prestige behind its name; this reputation is well-deserved as the area is host to a collection of Embassies such as the Embassy of the United States, Switzerland and Japan.

These Embassies cluster along exclusive Wireless Road, a major avenue that has recorded some of the most expensive land deals in the capital; Wireless Road is also home to Bangkok’s most expensive condominium project 98 Wireless by Sansiri and super-luxury mall Central Embassy.

Ploenchit’s desirability comes from the following factors:

  • Exclusive Environment


Wireless Road is Bangkok’s most expensive residential address!


As mentioned above, it is considered Bangkok’s “embassy quarters” and is the centre of the Capital’s global diplomacy. The neighborhood’s residents benefit from an amazing lifestyle with Central Embassy a super-luxury mall and a huge selection of restaurants, cafes and bars.

  • “One Bangkok” Mega Project

The Wireless Road / Rama 4 intersection is the site of “One Bangkok” a mega-mixed use project. The expansive and ambitious complex is spread over approx. 100 Rai of land and will comprise of office space, a luxury hotel, leisure areas and residential towers.

Buying Objective: Lifestyle

While all the areas presented above offer a pleasant environment, only a select collection of neighborhoods offer truly amazing and special living experiences.

These neighborhoods offer a huge selection of shopping, social and leisure entertainment venues; charming residential communities, that make residents feel truly at home.

The lifestyle category will review 2 neighborhoods (Silom and Phrom Phong), that offer its lucky residents enviably comfortable, dynamic and vibrant lifestyles!

4. Silom



Considered one of the older and more established parts of Central Bangkok, Silom is a neighborhood where ultra-modern fare, blends with an old-world retro environment. This unique charm is a big part of the neighborhoods appeal and desirability!

The area is a dynamic residential and commercial centre, and residents have access to a huge choice of restaurants, eateries and cafes. The area is also well-known for its eclectic nightlife and evening venues.

Reasons to buy in Silom:

  • Amazing Lifestyle

The area offers an eclectic and convenient lifestyle; with the Silom Complex shopping mall and an impressive collection of dining and leisure options. With some of the Capital’s best restaurants and most famous eateries located in the area.

  • Business Hub & Convenience


Silom offers proximity to Sathorn Road business centre.


The area is an important business hub, with numerous office buildings hosting businesses from around the world. Silom is also located in proximity to Sathorn, the centre for Bangkok’s high-finance (I.e. Banking, Insurance, Private Equity, Investment Funds, etc…).

  • High-Quality Residential Projects

Silom has been a popular residential option for both Thai and expats for many years. Several developers have capitalized on this appeal, developing a range of high-quality residential projects.

5. Phrom Phong



Phrom Phong is a super-popular and vibrant shopping and leisure district!

Two luxury malls are located in the neighborhood notably Emquartier and Emporium, both conveniently connected to the BTS Skytrain. There are also several community malls peppered throughout the area, such as K-Village.

The area is packed with restaurants, eateries and coffee shops catered to the local community. Residents of Phrom Phong, can enjoy a relaxed and convenient lifestyle!

Phrom Phong’s main selling points:

  • Leisure and Shopping Hub


Phrom Phong has a wide range of leisure venues catering to local residents.


Phrom Phong offers a dynamic and exciting lifestyle with a huge selection of things to do!

  • Convenience

Phrom Phong is centrally located (Only 1-BTS stop away from Asoke) making it an ideal residential area for working professionals and commuters.

  • Wide Selection of Projects

Residential developers have developed a series of condo projects in the neighborhood. Offering a wide selection of options to potential buyers.

What about the other neighborhoods in Bangkok?

Fresh Property is a real estate consultancy specializing in Bangkok’s Central Business District, so our recommendations present a preference towards Central Bangkok. Especially Sukhumvit, a district where the agency completes a large proportion of its rental and sales transactions.

Bangkok offers homebuyers and investors an incredibly diverse range of buying options. For more lifestyle and investment information about other neighborhoods:

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On a final note, if you are looking to buy a property in the Capital, feel free to browse our selection of resale condos, new projects or simply get into contact by sending us an email at info@freshbangkok.com.

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