• Dedicated and Professional Property Managers
  • Delegate Day-to-Day Rental Property Issues
  • Enjoy Benefits of your Property Investment Worry-Free!

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Bangkok PropertyManagement Service

Our Property Management Service offers landlords marketing, furnishing, decoration, tenancy support and maintenance services under a single roof. From small issues such as leaking taps and loose fittings, to more serious matters such a rental default, our team of dedicated professionals can provide efficient and cost-effective support!

We can manage the investment portfolio of single-property or multi-site landlords, ensuring both a smooth turnover of tenants and stable rental income. Thus allowing landlords to delegate all day-to-day management of their property and enjoy the full benefits of a worry-free investment in Bangkok!

  • Professional Local Team

    Landlords can delegate day-to-day management of their properties to our experienced and dedicated Property Managers. From routine matters to more serious issues, our highly personalized service can provide assistance and support to landlords and their rental portfolio.

    It is important to note that our Team is fully-trained and experienced with Thai laws, property regulations and local standards; offering an all-in-one and complete property and tenancy management solution.
  • Vetted Contractors

    Property maintenance from routine air con repair to more extensive refurbishment and renovation works can quickly spiral out of control if not carefully managed.

    Using our network of vetted contractors and technicians, we can arrange all maintenance, renovation and redecoration works on behalf of landlords.
  • Check-in, Check-out and Inspections

    Our dedicated team of professionals can provide full rental management support; ensuring a smooth transition before, during and after a tenancy. Above all our service will safeguard the landlords’ interests, by diligently conducting inspections and managing potential damage claims and deductions post-tenancy.
  • Decorating and Furnishing

    Attracting a high-quality rental client requires a stylish and fully-equipped property. Therefore to help meet those standards, our team can offer personalized furnishing and decoration services to suit all budgets and customized requirements.
  • Rental and Sales Marketing Support

    Using both our in-house channels and via our established network of reputable Co-broke Agencies we can assist you in finding a rental client or buyer for your property.