Interior Design & Decor

5 Ultra Stylish Bangkok Condo Design Ideas

Despite offering modern and comfortable interiors, most Bangkok condos unfortunately offer MASSIVELY uninspired and characterless decors! In an expansive and colourful city like Bangkok, it will come as a surprise to many that the majority of condos are decorated in a neutral fashion; creating a vicious cycle of boring and unexceptional properties… Truly awe-inspiring and beautiful homes, that bring their…Read More

5 Places to buy Furniture and Home Accessories in Bangkok!

Looking to personalize, decorate and equip your condo? Not too sure where to buy furniture, home appliances and home decorations in Bangkok? Look no further… here is a list of 5 Places to go shopping: 1. Ikea Let’s start off with an obvious and over-mentioned store, IKEA! Ask any European Expat about furniture and they will probably advise you to…Read More

5 Practical Tips to make a Condo feel much bigger!

Bangkok is truly an international metropolis and its residents are extremely spoilt when it comes to housing options. Usually Condos offered for Sales and Rent in the Capital are of a great standard with many offering a multitude of luxury facilities such as pools, gyms, sauna rooms, business lounges, etc. However as many buyers/tenants soon come to realize, the biggest…Read More

5 Cheap Ways to Personalize your Rented Condo

Living in a rented condo, can often feel like a temporary and fleeting experience. Whether a Rental Lease is signed for 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years a rented accommodation, can often transform into a purely functional and utilitarian crash pad. However here at Fresh we believe that there is nothing worse than coming “home” to a place…Read More

House Staging, the art of standing out!

The term “House Staging” to the uninitiated, probably sounds like some exotic and foreign sound bite. Indeed, it is not a popular concept in Bangkok, where multi-million baht condos with enormous potential are marketed with a certain sense of neglect and callousness! As Agents we view and market condos with dirty living spaces, mismatched decoration and even moldy walls. In…Read More