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The Top 5 Websites to Kick-Off your Property Search

Starting a property search in Bangkok can be a daunting and nerve racking experience. The city covers approximately 1500+ Square Kilometers, with hundreds of neighborhoods and literally thousands of condos and houses to choose from! Whether you are looking for an investment or simply a rental property, starting you search online is probably the wisest and most time-efficient way forward.…Read More

Bangkok’s Peripheral Markets with Potential

A combination of mass transit line extensions (BTS and MRT), dramatically increasing price of acquiring land in prime-areas and a general social shift in urban lifestyle, is transforming Bangkok’s Peripheral Markets. “Peripherals” was original a term coined by Bangkok’s Property Consultancies to refer to locations outside the Capital’s Central Business District (CBD). Interestingly, in what seems like an overnight shift…Read More

First Time Buyer Guide: Bangkok Off-Plan Condos

The process of buying a condo before the project’s actual completion, simply based on “Plans” (I.e. Sales Brochures, Floor Plans and Renderings) is common practice in Bangkok. Developers big and small are constantly blanketing the Capital’s media outlets from newspapers, billboards to even social media platforms with adverts touting their latest launch! For those unfamiliar with this sales and marketing…Read More

Residential Potential of North Bangkok’s Ladprao- Phahon Yothin

Geographically referring to the intersection of the two major roads Ladprao and Phahon Yothin Road the area has developed a strong residential community and a pleasant lifestyle offering. The area is popular amongst Thai working professionals as it is well connected, served by BTS Mochit, MRT Chatuchak Park, MRT Phahon Yothin and MRT Ladprao; it is also easy to drive…Read More

The 6 Bangkok Condos Connected to BTS or MRT Stations

Hundreds of Condo Projects in Bangkok can claim to be within walking distance of a BTS or MRT. However, only a select and exclusive few can officially boast about having dedicated private entrances connecting them to a Mass Transit Station. These coveted status symbols offer the ultimate luxury to its residents, that of enviable convenience! Let’s explore the few Condo…Read More

Bangkok’s New Wave of Up-and-Coming Developers

Anyone vaguely familiar with Bangkok real estate will recognize that a few big name Condo Developers are dominating the market! Key players such as Sansiri, Ananda Development and AP (Thai) are blanketing the capital with aggressive marketing campaigns and serial new project launches. As the expression goes “success breed success” and these competitive Developers are also prolific at growing and…Read More

Benefits of Buying Condos from Smaller Developers

Spiking land acquisition costs, intense inter-developer competition, and ever growing client expectations have transformed Bangkok condominium development into a “no holds barred” affair! This hyper-competitive business environment has yielded several big names such as Sansiri, Ananda Development and AP (Thai) that are now dominant players in the Capital. These serial developers blanket Bangkok with constant marketing campaigns and regularly announce…Read More

Bangkok’s Second-Hand Condo Market: The Growing Gap!

There is an undeniable and biased preference, for off-Plan projects in Bangkok. This local reality is understandable, off-plan captures the imagination of investors and home buyers, with brilliant promises of “what could be, will be and should be”. On a more pragmatic-level, new condo launches also offer a thrilling and fast-paced opportunity to make a “quick buck” by flipping condo…Read More

Bangkok’s Branded Residences: Raising the Bar of Luxury!

Bangkok’s residential developers operate in an incredibly competitive business environment. In an attempt to standout from their peers, developers are constantly inching and clawing to develop projects that standout! Creating an endless cycle of competition, where each company is looking to one-up each other thus resulting in the following trend: “The established players compete to secure prime-locations and in retaliation…Read More

A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying and Investing in Bangkok Condos

Bangkok is rapidly transforming and its urban landscape is constantly being reshaped. This vibrant regeneration and the relentless pace of its development, is creating massive opportunities for property investors. However due to Bangkok’s language barrier and unique property standards, foreign investors are often uncertain where to start their search and what to expect. In many cases, the overload of conflicting…Read More

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