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Chula-Samyan an Urban Transformation Fuelled by Students!

Anyone familiar with Thailand’s tertiary education system, will immediately recognize Chulalongkorn University’s (CU) dominance at the top of the nation’s college rankings. With an illustrious reputation as the local Oxford or even Thailand’s Harvard University, Chulalongkorn’s deep history and its prestigious roster of alumni from influential statesmen to popular actors, make the institution Thailand’s closest equivalent to an Ivy League!…Read More

Jittery Hong Kong Investors- Good News for Bangkok Property?

The controversial Hong Kong extradition bill and the sporadic protests that followed its announcement, has created an unprecedented tense and volatile environment in the Special Administrative Region. In recent weeks, Fresh’s Sales Team has recorded a “renewed uptick” in Hong Kong buyer interest and registrations. This is reflected in both number of inquiries recorded and volume of HK visits to…Read More

Ploenchit-Langsuan Bangkok’s Most Expensive Address!

Located at the crossroads of Bangkok’s most desirable areas, with Siam to it’s west, Sukhumvit to the east and Silom-Sathorn to the south, using the expression the “heart of the city” to describe this neighborhood is not an exaggeration! Prestigious and perfectly positioned, Ploenchit-Langsuan represents what every part of the Capital aspires to become. The area has transformed in recent…Read More

Thailand Investment Visa: Can you buy a condo and get a long-term visa?

A common question from homebuyers and real estate investors: If I buy a property in Thailand, can I apply for a long-stay investment visa? At present, Thailand’s Tourist Visas offer a maximum validity of 60-days with the possibility to extend for an additional 30-days. While this may be ideal for holidaymakers, individuals looking to live in Thailand for longer periods,…Read More

Thailand Notification of Residence TM.30: Why now? … What now?

Since the start of June, the mood among Thailand’s expat community has been a mix of panic, shock or downright confusion. An obscure and mostly forgotten regulation, the “TM.30 Notification”, is apparently back in “vogue” and being enforced by Thai Immigration Officials. What is the Notification of Residence Regulation (TM.30 Form)? Simply phrased, landlords or leaseholders of any property, are…Read More

Luxury Condos Elevating Sathorn’s Super Prime Status

Sathorn’s established position as a super-prime section of Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD) is uncontestable. Famed for being host to the headquarters of Thailand’s leading financial institutions, it is inevitably likened to London’s City District or New York’s Wall Street! This association to high-finance and affluence, combined with a diverse lifestyle that offers a wealth of entertainment and culture venues,…Read More

AP Thailand Launches 2019- Bucking the Trend and Standing Out!

Traditionally the first-half of the year, is usually a booming and buzzing period when Bangkok is subject to an advertising and PR blitz, from residential developers and their new project launches. However, compared to the project launch bonanza of the past 5-years, the first-half of 2019 has been quiet for Bangkok’s property market. Potential buyers are less upbeat and developers…Read More

3 Pitfalls to Avoid when Buying Off-Plan Projects in Bangkok!

From glitzy sales galleries, stunning renderings and flashy launch events, everything about new projects are infused with an aura of buzz and hype! New developments are usually sold by charming buyers into envisioning themselves owning a “picture perfect” lifestyle. Therefore, off-plan marketing is often a polished and well-choreographed performance, that can sweep unsuspecting buyers up in a frenzy of excitement.…Read More

5 Ultra Stylish Bangkok Condo Design Ideas

Despite offering modern and comfortable interiors, most Bangkok condos unfortunately offer MASSIVELY uninspired and characterless decors! In an expansive and colourful city like Bangkok, it will come as a surprise to many that the majority of condos are decorated in a neutral fashion; creating a vicious cycle of boring and unexceptional properties… Truly awe-inspiring and beautiful homes, that bring their…Read More

Emergent Residential Rivalry, Bangsue and Bangna!

A combination of urban development factors are contributing to the gradual decentralization of Bangkok. These include urban realities, such as the growing scarcity and the hiking price of developable land plots, to more practical lifestyle issues such as the intense traffic gridlock that plagues Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD). The result, Bangkok’s leading commercial and residential developers are encouraged to…Read More

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