Bangkok’s 5 Most Expensive Luxury Housing Projects!

With the media and property promoters usually fawning over the Central Business District’s glitzy super-luxury condominiums. Bangkok’s condo projects usually steal the spotlight!

However, it is Bangkok’s open secret, that in many cases the super-rich actually prefer to retreat to ultra-private and incredibly expensive housing residences away from the hectic and urban city center.

Bangkok’s rich and affluent, choose to live in ultra-exclusive housing enclaves located in the suburbs. These luxury housing developments are offered at eye watering price tags that often eclipse even the most expensive luxury condos located in Prime Central Bangkok.

These houses offer decadent and indulgent luxury, combined with a prestigious sense of privacy and comfort.

These a 5 of Bangkok’s most expensive housing estates:

1. Santiburi The Residences
Starting Price Bt260 million



Santiburi The Residences is developed by Singha Estate and is located on Praditmanutham Road. This exclusive housing estate comprises a total of 25 expansive 2-storey homes, each offering approximately 1,366 sq.m. of usable area.

Santiburi Residences promises a perfect blend of luxury and modernity. The developer achieves this by meticulously using only the finest materials; all these individual elements contribute to a spectacular living experience. The project offers a peaceful, private and pleasant living environment to its affluent residents.

2. Atelier Residence
Starting Price Bt138 million



Atelier Residence is developed by Aland Development and it is located on Pracha Uthit Road. The super-luxury project offers only 8 ultra-exclusive 3-storey houses with approximately 1,150 sq.m. of usable area.

Atelier Residence offers potential homeowners a stunning contemporary design concept. The design of the houses maximizes natural light and ensures residents can enjoy a cool natural breeze when indoors. The interiors of the project are inspired by far east touches.

3. Issara Residence Rama 9
Starting Price Bt120 million



Issara Residence Rama 9 is a luxury housing development by Charn Issara Development, it is situated on Rama 9 Road 13. The project features 20 luxury homes for 20 affluent families, each home offers 3-storey and up to 865 sq.m. of living space.

Issara Residence Rama 9 promises a calming and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban city life. The project will offer ultimate comfort to its residents that will be able to enjoy the compound’s exclusive selection of private super-luxury amenities.

4. Mavista Prestige Village
Starting Price Bt100 million



Mavista Prestige Village is a project by established Major Development, it is located on Krungthep Kreetha Road. There will be a total of 14 super-luxury residences, each unit will feature 3-storey and a total of 914 sq.m.

Mavista Prestige Village features stunning art deco designs that exude refined and timeless luxury. The exclusive homes will ensure residents can enjoy a private and superior level of living.

5. Crystal Solana
Starting Price Bt75 million



Crystal Solana is developed by KE Land and it is located on Praditmanutham Road. The ultra-luxury housing complex, will comprise 41 beautiful residences each featuring 3-storeys and a total of 685 sq.m. of living space.

Crystal Solana promises homeowners a “Six Star” living experience, the developer achieves this by offering a prestigious location, a timeless and classy architecture and resort style amenities. The super-luxury housing complex will offer a pleasant and ultra-private community environment to its super wealthy residents.

Source: The Nation


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