Why is Silom-Sathorn a Condo Investment Magnet?

Silom-Sathorn’s potential as a Condo investment hotspot was recently highlighted by a Plus Property Consultancy report. Being the established section of Bangkok’s Central Business District, the findings of the report came as no surprise to property professionals in the Capital.

According to Plus Property, Projects in the neighborhood offers condo investors 5% Rental Yield and have appreciated at the rate of 7% per anum over the past 5 Years. Interestingly, the consultancy also reported that new condo launches were fetching prices of between 200-300,000 baht per square meters. This trend, is predicted to inevitably continue to have a knock-on effect on the prices of second hand projects in Silom-Sathorn in the coming years.


Chong Nonsi Office Towers


The causes of this uptrend, are the result of a variety of factors; however one of the main contributors is the steadily declining availability of developable land plots in area. This is putting pressure on land prices and resulting in more expensive developments. This restrictive supply of land, is also adding value and highlighting the stock of completed Condos in the area.

This restricted supply of new launches, is also complemented by the fact that Silom-Sathorn offers one of the most desirable and appealing lifestyles in Bangkok!

It is important to note that Silom-Sathorn has established its status as the Capital’s dominant business district. It houses a variety of financial institutions (Such as banks, investment funds and insurance firms) and national/international companies operating in a broad range of industries. It many ways it can be compared to Hong Kong’s “Central” or London’s “City”.

MahaNakhon located in Sathorn!

Big businesses and commerce, inevitably spawns a community of local restaurants, eateries and coffee shops catering to the office workers and local resident. Silom-Sathorn offers an unparalleled lifestyle offering an incredibly diverse dining, night life and leisure scene. Some of the best restaurants and bars are located in the area making it one of the most popular leisure hotspots in the capital. On top of this, the area offers a family friendly environment, with Lumpini Park (Located in close proximity to Silom), a range of malls and good schools.

Bustling and Vibrant Silom!

Finally, on a geographical standpoint, the area offers convenient access to Mass Transit with a BTS/MRT Interchange (BTS Saladaeng and MRT Silom) servicing the area. Road users can also connect to different commercial and leisure areas of the Capital notably Wireless/ Ploenchit and Sukhumvit.

A recurring theme in Bangkok’s rapid urban development: Is the areas that offer balanced mix of work and leisure tend to inevitably surge in demand and outperform. Silom-Sathorn manages this mix perfectly, blending its commercial elements with a pleasant and desirable lifestyle!

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