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The Best Parks and Green Spaces in Central Bangkok

With its massive collection of high-rises, shopping malls and quaint shop houses, central Bangkok can feel like a frenetic urban jungle. The city is bursting with energy and its residents always seem in a rush to move-forward and advance. Bangkok is in a state of constant flux and is always evolving, making the city a sprawling construction site! All this…Read More

8 Easy Ways to Save on your Energy Bills

When it comes to Utility Bills in Bangkok, the big, pricey and scary variable tends to be Energy Bills. Anyone living in the city soon comes to realize that electricity costs can really skyrocket, especially if consumption is left unchecked. No one likes expensive Utility Bills. So wanting to save is TOTALLY natural! To help you in your quest, Fresh’s…Read More

5 Fast Ways to get to know a Neighborhood

Bangkok is an amazing city, where each neighborhood offers a distinct charm and character. Whether you have just relocated or you are a city veteran, the capital will always offer new sights to discover and enjoy. However this diversity of choice can quickly become overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are property hunting for a rental condo. As Property Agents,…Read More

5 Practical Tips to make a Condo feel much bigger!

Bangkok is truly an international metropolis and its residents are extremely spoilt when it comes to housing options. Usually Condos offered for Sales and Rent in the Capital are of a great-standard with many offering a multitude of luxury facilities such as pools, gyms, sauna rooms, business lounges, etc. However as many buyers/tenants soon come to realize, the biggest luxury…Read More

5 Cheap Ways to Personalize your Rented Condo

Living in a rented condo, can often feel like a temporary and fleeting experience. Whether a Rental Lease is signed for 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years a rented accommodation, can often transform into a purely functional and utilitarian crash pad. However here at Fresh we believe that there is nothing worse than coming “home” to a place…Read More

Tactics to Negotiate a Lower Monthly Rent!

“Every little bit helps” and a few thousand baht knocked-off your monthly rent means more to spend on other things. Those monthly savings could go towards paying the utilities or better yet it could be spent on the thousands of restaurants, bars, shops and venues Bangkok (…and Thailand) has to offer! As a professional Property Agency, we negotiate Rental Deals…Read More

5 Practical Tips for a Fast Security Deposit Refund!

The Security Deposit is always a sensitive detail of every Rental Lease! To make things even more complicated, Security Deposits are traditionally kept by the Landlord. While this is a natural and standard part of the rental process, this creates an immediate “conflict of interest”! In our Agency’s experience 90% of landlords are flexible and understanding; happy to refund Security…Read More

Diplomatic Clause Explained!

Bangkok is a major expat hub due to its multitude of business and career opportunities. However this also makes the international community of residents living in the city extremely transient and temporary. Many of the working professionals are on project or assignment based employment contracts while others have recently been transferred or relocated (From Overseas). Many of these individuals face…Read More

Guide to Pet Friendly Condos and Homes!

Bangkok is an incredibly diverse city, with a little bit of everything for everyone! The City offers numerous shopping options from luxury to low-priced, eating/dining choices from Thai to Italian, and attractions from museums to sport centers. On top of this Bangkok is a vibrant commercial and economic hotspot within South East Asia and as a result business and career…Read More

Should I Consider Apartment Living?

For foreigners the concept of distinguishing between apartments and Condos must seem odd; as overseas these words are simply synonyms and mean exactly the same thing. NOT IN BANGKOK! There is a big distinction between what expats/locals/property agents call “condos” and “apartments”. Without getting into legal mumbo jumbo about title deeds and ownership, to put it simply: -Condos are owned…Read More

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