Thong Lo Property and Investment Guide

Thong Lo Area Overview


Thong Lo offers one of Sukhumvit’s most eclectic and vibrant residential experiences. The neighborhood has consolidated its position as a trendy hotspot where the capital’s Thai and Expat socialites hangout. This part of the city offers some amazing entertainment venues, such as first-class restaurants and charming coffee shops. To add to this, the neighborhood has a reputation for offering a classy and dynamic nightlife; with some of Bangkok’s top bars and clubs hosted along Sukhumvit 55 Road (Soi Thong Lo). This glitzy reputation has positioned the area as a prime commercial destination, and the area often welcomes the launch of new restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.


On top of this, Thong Lo is located in the heart of Sukhumvit and is geographically well-positioned. Popular areas such as Phrom Phong and Asoke are located only a few BTS stops away. Road users can access Rama 4 Road, Sukhumvit Road and Phetchaburi Road with relative ease and connect to other parts of Bangkok City. This makes the area particularly appealing for commuters and working professionals.

This balance between good geographical location, convenient transport options and amazing leisure venues has transformed Thong Lo into a massively desirable address. This residential popularity means that Condo options tend to be high-end often offered at premium prices (Sales and Rental).

Local Life Overview

The neighborhood offers amazing work-life balance to its local residents. Usually most of the commercial activity is concentrated on Sukhumvit 55 Road (Soi Thong Lo) and its sub-sois. As briefly mentioned above, the area hosts a multitude of eateries and dining options; offering different cuisines such as Thai, European and even a cluster of Japanese restaurants. Thong Lo also hosts a variety of Community Malls (Open Air Malls) aimed at servicing the local residents. These include:

J Avenue

This Mall, offers a range of retails shops, eateries and coffee shops. The shopping complex also houses a Villa Market where Thong Lo residents can go grocery shopping. Its open air environment makes it an ideal weekend hangout spot.

The Maze

This recently launched commercial complex (Located on Thong Lo Soi 4), offers a range of restaurants and coffee shops.

Courtyard 72

This venue really comes alive after dark, as it hosts some of Thong Lo’s most exciting nightlife spots. For anyone interested in a glitzy drinking and partying experience Courtyard 72 is a must-go!

The Commons

This architectural marvel, hosts a range of quality eateries offering a varied selection of cuisines. Designed with a “Market” concept, diners can select their food from different “Stalls” creating a charming eating experience. For those after a more traditional dining/lunch experience the Mall also offers other conventional restaurant options and a handful of shops.

Thong Lo has cultivated a reputation for being Sukhumvit’s classiest nightlife hotspot. Most of the top bars and nightclubs cluster mid-soi (Around Thong Lo Soi 10). The venue options tend to be extremely varied from chilled and relaxed bars to more vibrant clubs.

It is important to note, that while Thong Lo is a popular after-dark destination, it is a well-balanced and a respectable residential address. Young families with children will have no issues raising kids in the area; especially due to the fact that there are several leisure venues available catering to a family-friendly crowd.

Property Investment Overview

“Location, Location, Location”, is a Property Investment philosophy that explains Thong Lo’s success as an investment hotspot. The neighborhood offers residents a good combination of convenient travel/commuting options (BTS and Road), amazing locally-located leisure options and quality residential condo options.

Over the years, Thong Lo has cultivated an image of being a desirable location for dynamic working professionals. This has in turn resulted in a cycle of new Commercial launches (I.e. New Community Malls, Restaurants, Bars, etc.) and this has positively encouraged residential developers to launch new condo projects. Over time this has consolidated Thong Lo’s position as one of Bangkok’s top residential addresses.

While already an established area, Thong Lo will gradually continue to see the launch of new residential and commercial projects. In the medium/long-term these local developments will continue to drive the market upwards. Some notable new residential project launches include:

– Khun by YOO (By Sansiri PCL)
– The Bangkok Thonglor (By Land and Houses)
– Tela Thonglor (By Gaysorn Property)

On a Rental basis, the neighborhood offers a constant and stable supply of new tenants. It is important to note that since rental-rates are on the high-end of the scale, the rental market tends to be comprised mainly of expats (A favorite for the Japanese Expat Community). Rental Yields offered tend to be around 4-6%, which is a Bangkok-wide average. While this is a rule that can apply to most areas in Sukhumvit, it is important to note that Condos located close to Thong Lo BTS tend to benefit from a large proportion of the rental demand.

On a Capital Appreciation basis, Thong Lo offers an interesting investment case as developable land is starting to become scarce. This is especially the case mid-soi (Sukhumvit 55), where Thong Lo’s top leisure venues are located. This tight/limited supply of land plots is likely to put upward pressure on prices for new and second-hand residential developments over the coming years.

Thong Lo Condo Options

The neighborhood has been an established part of the Central Business District and on the radar of numerous residential developers for many years. Thus the area has benefitted from different waves of property development. This has transformed Thong Lo into a varied residential neighborhood with a combination of older developments on one end to more modern functional residences on the other. On top of this, tenants and buyers can get access to residential projects completed by both large listed developers and more independent companies.

The desirability of Thong Lo and its general mass appeal means that Sales and Rental Prices do tend to be offered at a premium. With the more modern and newly-launched condominium options commending higher rates (I.e. Price Per/Sqm and Monthly Rental Rate).
Geographically most of the condo offered either cluster in and around:

Sukhumvit Road (Next to the BTS Station)

Sukhumvit Road (Next to BTS Thong Lo)

Examples of Condos offered next to the BTS include:

Noble Remix
The Crest Sukhumvit 34
Keyne by Sansiri
Siri at Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit 55 (Thong Lo Road and its Side-roads)

Sukhumvit 55 Road

Some Condo options located on Sukhumvit 55 include:

Noble Solo
Quattro by Sansiri
The Alcove Thonglor 10
Ivy Thonglor

It is important to note, that Thong Lo is a widely-defined area and Condo buildings can also be found on Sukhumvit 38, 49, 53 and 59.

Sukhumvit 38 Road

Some Condos offered in these locations:

59 Heritage (Sukhumvit 59)
Top View Tower (Sukhumvit 59)
Ideo Morph 38 (Sukhumvit 38)
Von Napa (Sukhumvit 38)

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