The Top 5 Websites to Kick-Off your Property Search

Starting a property search in Bangkok can be a daunting and nerve racking experience.

The city covers approximately 1500+ Square Kilometers, with hundreds of neighborhoods and literally thousands of condos and houses to choose from!

Whether you are looking for an investment or simply a rental property, starting you search online is probably the wisest and most time efficient way forward.

Here are the 5 Top Websites that will allow you to explore and find the best condos, houses and apartments Bangkok has to offer:

1. Dot Property/

Both Property Portals are owned and operated by the Dot Property Group. They offer a clean and functional search experience that allows visitors to browse based on a variety of parameters such as BTS/MRT station, area, condos or general property specifications.

Perhaps the only downside to the search experience are the Portals’ emphasis on premium ad spaces such as “Features”. These Premium Listings, often blanket the first page results forcing searchers to browse deep into the “2nd, 3rd, 4th+” page results.

However despite being a new kid on the block, Dot Property has quickly bolstered its Agency and Developer advertiser network. It is especially useful for property searchers looking for condos in Central Bangkok.

2. DD Property

One of the oldest and most established Property Portals around; the website offers a wealth of condo, house, commercial and new project listings. It offers a wide range of properties, with an impressive array of specifications and prices.

Unfortunately, DD Property relies on its Agent and Developer network to update Property Ads and therefore there is the recurring issue of “ghost listings” where properties advertised are already sold or rented.

Nevertheless, its wide reach and large network of advertising Agents and Developers means it offers a particularly functional search and is ideal for casual browsing. It is especially useful for people looking for townhouses or properties in the residential suburbs of the capital.

3. Hipflat

The Portal offers a unique search experience vastly different from the Dot Property and DD Property model. It offers a functional condo-based user interface, where visitors can search for condos directly via a property results list or map search; Hipflat categorizes property listings in condo building pages and it displays available properties in “grid-form”. This unique display allows searcher to rapidly scan properties and compare prices.

Interestingly Condo Pages are populated by a range of useful information, such as distance from the closest BTS/MRT Station, age of the building, number of units available etc. As for Investors they have access to numerous investment data, such as a historical asking price graph and the average rental yield of the project.

Unfortunately Hipflat’s user interface, prioritizes comparing and information gathering over uniqueness of a specific listing. Therefore Agents and Developers on the Portal make little to no effort to advertise with high-quality interior shots of the Condo.

4. Prakard

This website deserves an honorable mention, back in the days before professional property portals (I.e. DD Property, Dot Property, etc…), Thais would turn to message boards to sell, rent and buy condos.

Prakard is one these legacy web destinations that Thais frequently visit to find property bargains. The main draw and attractiveness of the website is the possibility of stumbling directly on a landlord or seller and thus being able to negotiate a deal direct.

However posting is not restricted to only property owners and the website is now flooded with freelance and professional agents posting their listings. With its 90’s design, awkward categorization and functionality, Prakard can quickly overwhelm and confuse. The website is perhaps best suited for savvy searchers that are already familiar with the Bangkok property market.


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