10 of the Most Amazing Bangkok Condo Facilities

Bangkok is a world-class destination, vibrant economic hub and a cosmopolitan melting pot.

Therefore it is only natural, that the Capital offers housing options that could rival some global cities such as New York and London, in both quality and style!

Indeed, Condominiums in Bangkok offer a lifestyle experience like no other; spoiling and indulging residents with a multitude of free amenities and conveniences.

PS: We decided to skip Pools, Gym, Libraries and Business Lounges from this list… simply because they are “common” in the City. (We are not joking.)

So here are the most AMAZING Facilities, some completed and upcoming Bangkok developments offer:

1. Racket Sports Court



Tennis Court in Baan Suanpetch

Are you into Squash? …Maybe you’re more into Badminton? …Or how about Tennis?
Yup, some condos offer Squash, Badminton, and even Tennis Courts.

2. Cycling Track

Imagine, having a Cycling Track in your backyard!
That’s exactly what Ideo O2 by Ananda Development (Due for Completion in 2018) will be offering its future residents.



Cycling Track at Ideo 02 by Ananda (Photo Courtesy of Ananda)

3. Ball Game Pitch/Court

Sticking to the sports and fitness theme, some Condos in Bangkok offer Basket Ball Half-Courts and even Mini-Football pitches.


Basket Ball Court at The Base Sukhumvit 77

4. LED Multi-Sports Court

Sansiri one of Thailand’s most established Residential Developers, has decided to take sports to the next level! It has announced that its Project “The Line Sukhumvit 101” will offer an LED Multi-Sports Court.


LED Multi-Sports Court at The Line Sukhumvit 101 (Photo courtesy of Sansiri)

This “Tron-like” next generation technology, will allow residents to project different sport courts onto a specially designed and constructed surface.

5. Golf Simulators

Some Condos, give you the chance to improve your swing at home, thanks to the Condo’s Golf Simulator!


Golf Simulator at Aguston Sukhumvit 22 (Photo courtesy of Major Development)

6. Sky Garages

You read that right!

Fragrant Group’s “Circle 11” Project, which is currently being developed will allow residents to “enter and exit” their cars without having to technically step out of their Condos!


Circle Sukhumvit 11 by Fragrant Group

7. Japanese Onsen

Pools are way too common in Bangkok…

In a bid to offer more exclusive and indulgent facilities, some upcoming developments (I.e. Vtara 36) will be offering an exotic Japanese Onsen experience.


Japanese Onsen at Vtara 36 (Photo Courtesy of V Property Development)

8. Bowling Alleys

Yup, some Condos come fully equipped with a Bowling Alley!


Bowling Alley at Aguston Sukhumvit 22 (Photo Courtesy of Major Development)

9. Games Room

Imagine having access to a “Games Room” with a Pool Table, Table Tennis Area or even Table Football. Not a problem, that’s a totally possible reality in Bangkok!


Games Room at Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit (Photo courtesy of Ananda)

10. Sky/ Rooftop Gardens

Chilling in a lush and serene private garden, while enjoying some stunning city views, is yet another amazing option offered by some Bangkok Condos!


Rooftop Garden at Rhythm Sukhumvit

The common reaction to this amazing list is usually one of dismissal and it usually sounds like:

“Argh… these amenities are only available at ultra-luxury and super expensive Condos”

However, it is always surprising to know that these AMAZING facilities are sometimes available in Projects that could suit even the most modest budgets.

Bangkok’s Condo Living, is truly an indulgent living experience!

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