25 Reasons Why Living in Bangkok is Amazing!

Bangkok offers a vibrant, eclectic and exciting lifestyle like no other!

Here are 25 Reasons why the City of Angels is the best place in the WORLD to live, work and play…

1. Incredibly Friendly Thais

Bangkok would be a city like any other, without its welcoming, bubbly and refreshing local residents!

2. Awesome Food Scene

Thai Food

Truly a foodie’s paradise; from spicy, sour and exotic Thai food, soul-warming bowls of ramen, to big juicy American burgers, Bangkok has something for everyone.

3. Sunny Beautiful Weather

Sunny Weather

Thais like to joke that Bangkok has only 3 Seasons:

“…Hot, Hotter and HOTTEST”.

While it gets hot in the city, this usually means beautiful, blue and SUNNY SKIES (Almost all year round)!

4. Eclectic Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife

This reason needs absolutely no explanation. Bangkok’s nightlife is incredibly vibrant.

5. Welcoming and Supportive Expat Community

Bangkok’s expat community is surprisingly supportive and members of the community constantly lookout for each other!

6. Going Out is Cheap

The city is still relatively affordable and regularly going out for dinner, drinks or full-on raves is part of the Bangkok lifestyle!

7. Shopping is Not an Option. It’s a Lifestyle.

Pantip Plaza Shopping

There is an extensive multitude of Shopping Malls for wallets of all sizes; from low budget to the ultra-opulent “AmEx Black Card” level!

8. Pampering Yourself Comes Easy

Bangkok Massage and Spa

Every neighborhood of the capital has a local spa, massage shop or beauty clinic that allows you to relax and blissfully rejuvenate the mind and soul.

9. Staying Fit and Healthy is Standard

Fitness and Sports Bangkok

Thais tend to be health conscious and are careful to take care of their physique. As a result, Bangkok offers no shortage of fitness centers, gyms and health programs to stay in shape.

10. Loads of Markets

Ratchada Night Market

Night markets, train markets, fresh food markets, farmers’ markets, weekend markets… you get it, markets are a charming and inevitable side of living in Bangkok!

11. Deep Culture and History

Royal Grand Palace Bangkok

The city has a rich cultural heritage, with attractions such as The Grand Palace, the nostalgic China Town, beautiful temples and multitude of museums. For people with a contemporary edge, Bangkok is also dotted with art galleries and design centers!

12. Wonderful Festivals and Celebrations

Songkran Festival Bangkok

Thailand and Bangkok is really a vibrant cultural adventure, with Festivals and Celebrations all year round with Songkran and Loi Krathong being the most famous.

13. Diverse Cityscape

Ban Kra Jao Bangkok

Covering approximately 1,500+ Square Kilometers (…And growing), the city offers a dramatically contrasting array of lifestyles; from the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Sathorn, laid-back serene riverside, to tropical jungles of Bang Kachao.

14. Breathtaking Skyline

Bangkok Skyline

Bangkok is a rapidly evolving city with some dramatic and iconic skyline views!

15. Safety

Chaotic but Safe

Despite its sometimes chaotic vibe, Bangkok is generally a safe place both during daytime and nighttime!

16. Five Star Housing

Five Star Housing

Housing options are incredible in Bangkok, with many condos offering luxury facilities such as large pools, fully-equipped gyms and even relaxing lounges.

17. Convenient Travel Across the City


Yes, traffic jams can get crazy in the city.
However… there is an incredible amount of travel options from Mass Transit (BTS & MRT), Taxi, Motorcycle Taxis, Tuk Tuks, Buses and even Canal Ferries!

18. Peaceful “Soi Living”

Soi Living

Bangkok life is shaped by its “Sois” (Thai word for Side-Roads), that develop alongside major arteries. Surprisingly, the city’s Sois are an urban explorer’s dream, as they inevitably create charming residential enclaves to discover!

19. Affordable Luxuries

Getting your home cleaned, laundry washed, food delivered and even hiring a cook is surprisingly affordable and common. Feeling like a King or Queen is part of the Bangkok experience.

20. Easy to Travel (In Thailand and Internationally)

International Airport Bangkok

With two airports Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi Airport, travelling to other countries or to local destinations (I.e. Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Phuket) for holidays or business is incredibly convenient!

21. Holidays ALL Year Round!

Interestingly, Thailand is in the Top 10 countries with the most national holidays per year. On top of this, many of these holidays “coincidentally” fall on Fridays or Mondays!

22. Unique Business and Career Opportunities

Bangkok is geographically and economically located in the heart of the fast-paced and booming South East Asian region. Offering ambitious individuals a unique opportunity to thrive and succeed.

23. Blend of Past, Present and Future

Old and New Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of contrast and surprisingly it manages to blend nostalgic old with ultra-modern new. This perfect blend creates a unique vibe that makes the city truly special and eclectic.

24. You Will Never Get Bored

Honestly, re-read all the 23-reasons before this reason.
It’s literally impossible to get bored!

25. Every Day is an Experience!

Experience Bangkok

Hundreds of thousands of people come to this city and never want to leave. Every day is an experience in the City of Angels that is why so many call it home.

This sense of wonder and belonging cannot be pinned downed to specific reason; however what is certain, is that the city offers its residents both Expats and Thais feelings of pure, simple and unfiltered happiness.

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