10 Reasons why Bangkok Condo Living is Awesome!

Despite some occasional minor discomforts (I.e. Sweaty commutes, terrible traffic, flash floods during the rainy season…), Bangkok is an amazing lifestyle destination!




Every inch of the capital has its own character from vibrant, eclectic to peaceful. Every single day in the city, is a journey and a wondrous adventure.

You’ll never get bored in Bangkok as there are a million things to do and see. Entertainment options are everywhere from shopping malls, Muay Thai gyms, bars to night markets. Interestingly, we believe that in Bangkok you’ll meet the most interesting people in the world!

If this is not enough… probably one of the biggest perks of living in the city, are its AMAZING condo options and the associated benefits!

Why does the Fresh Editorial Team, sound like a 15 year old that just hit puberty?

Here are the 10 Reasons why Bangkok Condos are awesome:

1. Condo Pools

While having a Pool within your building, would be the ultimate luxury in global cities likes London or New York… In Bangkok having a pool is standard.


Hotel Like Experience at Hasu Haus by Sansiri


2. Condo Gyms

Sometimes a bit of an underrated luxury in Bangkok, most condos have Gyms and they are as common as having WIFI!


The Room Sukhumvit 21 gym with a view!

3. “Bonus” Facilities

It’s totally ok to be self-indulgent in Bangkok!
Spoil yourself… here is a list of possible “Bonus Facilities”:

Theater Rooms
Games Room
Sky Gardens
Sauna Rooms
Bowling Alleys
Badminton Courts

The list goes on…


Basket Ball Court at The Base 77!



Library/Lounge in The Room Sukhumvit 21!

4. Building Management

Building Management can offer a range of additional services such as property maintenance (I.e. Changing Light Bulbs or even arranging extensive maintenance works), cleaning (They can set you up with a cleaning lady) and even sign-off postal deliveries!

5. General Security

While Bangkok is generally a safe city, most Condos benefit from on-site security personnel that do routine checks of the premises. On top of this most condo entrances and lifts are only accessible using key cards. This adds a degree of comfort and security to the Condo living experience!

6. Travel Convenience

Condo developers tend to strategically develop projects in close proximity to transport links (BTS, MRT or Road Networks). Therefore in many cases Condos in Central Bangkok tend to be well-located!


Most Central Bangkok Condos are next to a BTS or MRT!

7. Ready to move-in

Generally Condos are immediately ready to move-in:

– In most cases, they come fully furnished and equipped
– Utility bills don’t need to be transferred to a new occupier
– They offer a hotel like check-in experience

8. Amazing City Views

Bangkok has an amazing skyline and some condos benefit from breathtaking views!


Casual City Views from a Villa Asoke Condo!

9. Lifestyle Diversity

From modern, sleek and stylish… to more comfortable, beautiful and charming!
Bangkok offers a wide variety of condos to suit all tastes and preferences.


Bright and Airy Duplex in Ideo Morph 38!



Ultra Sleek Condo in Emporio Place!

10. Relative Affordability

Saving the most controversial to last, while some people will fervently disagree (Some will whine… and say Bangkok condos are “just expensive shoe boxes”).

We would like to point out considering all the benefits offered (Re-read, all reasons 1 to 9), Bangkok’s housing options tend to be extremely good value for money especially considering the lifestyle they offer.

Now for some shameless self-promotion!

If your current condo doesn’t benefit from all the 10 Benefits above…Contact Fresh Property, we’ll find you another place!

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