5 Practical Tips to make a Condo feel much bigger!

Bangkok is truly an international metropolis and its residents are extremely spoilt when it comes to housing options. Usually Condos offered for Sales and Rent in the Capital are of a great standard with many offering a multitude of luxury facilities such as pools, gyms, sauna rooms, business lounges, etc.

However as many buyers/tenants soon come to realize, the biggest luxury in this vibrant city is purely and simply…


Extra square meters comes at a hefty-premium in central locations, and unless you have deep pockets this is an inevitable aspect of the Bangkok life!

However do not despair… Fresh has prepared 5 easy ways to make that Condo of yours jazzier and more spacious:

1. Strategic Mirror Placement



This may appear like a common, overstated and borderline boring home-deco tip however it is definitely worth mentioning, simply because it works!

Strategically placing mirrors in the living room and bedrooms is a foolproof way to add an airy and open environment to any condo. This is because mirrors help redistribute natural light in a room and thus create the illusion of additional and expansive space.

2. Softer Colours

Soft Colours-Fresh

Dark colours such as black and dark browns tend to “draw in” space making rooms feel more compact; this is terrible if the property is already restricted in size.

Selecting furnishings with light and soft colour tones is an important aspect of creating a spacious environment. Try to use these brighter colours on the floors and walls for increased contrast. The best colour hues to use tend to be whites and beiges, as these help create brighter, airier and softer living environments.

3. Declutter and Store Away

Clutter is the enemy of space and a room full of “stuff” results in a feeling of stuffiness (Duh!). Bangkok’s furniture stores such as Ikea, Index Living and SB Furniture all offer some form of space saving/storage furniture or props. By keeping a clutter-free environment you automatically create an airy environment.

4. Uncovered Windows


Allowing natural light to enter and brighten the rooms of a condo is the best way to create an airy and spacious environment. Therefore leave windows unblocked and free from clutter/furniture to allow sunlight to flood into the property. A useful tip is “curtains” unfortunately have the inconvenience of covering parts of the window even if drawn back; to remedy this issue “Blinds” can be used to maximize light!

5. Exposed Legs

Furniture Legs-Fresh

No… not what you are thinking about!
This is not a naughty suggestion!

Fresh’s Editorial Team is actually referring to the legs of furniture such as sofas, dining tables and beds. These center piece items tend to play a big role in the visual appeal of a room (No matter how large or small); interestingly having the legs of these items of furniture exposed, creates a lighter and fresher environment.

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