Bangkok Condo Investment Charges And Maintenance Fees

As a Bangkok condo investor budgeting and calculating the ownership expenses and maintenance costs of a property are key to assessing the potential Rental Yield.

The “Net Rental Yield” is an important factor especially if you are looking to hold the property long-term, between 3-5 years. Ideally as a rental condo investor you want to maximize your Net Rental Yield and eventually enjoy a windfall from capital appreciation when you sell the property.

This article provides an overview of all the possible expenses when owning a condo in Bangkok.



The level of expenses depend greatly on the condo’s specifications and its location. We are providing an itemized list of cost considerations. Please note that this article is not about providing details of pre-transfer expenses, furnishing cost, renovation costs and sales taxes. If you would like more information about pre-transfer expenses and sales taxes please visit the following sources.

To makes things easier to understand, this article focuses on 3 ownership expenses into 3 categories 

  • Marketing & Real Estate Agency Expenses
  • Condo & Building Maintenance Expenses
  • Legal, Tax and Compliance Expenses

Let’s review each property expense category in detail

1. Marketing & Advertising Expenses

Rental Agency Commission

If you are going to try to rent a property, you will likely engage the services of a property agency. There is an established rental standard in Bangkok when it comes to rental commission as follows:

1 Year Lease= 1 Month Rent
2 Years Lease= 1.5 Months’ Rent

The rental commission includes lease drafting, check-in and eventual check-out of the tenant. Marketing material preparation and advertising (I.e. Taking photos, online marketing and print ads, etc.) are also included in the rental commission. The fees do not include tenancy management and maintenance of the property during the term of the rental contract.

Property Management

Property and tenancy management services is a support service that overseas landlords may consider to delegate their property issues.

Normally property management companies in Bangkok can handle all aspects of the tenant management, including rent collection and maintenance of the property. This is a difficult expense to estimate as there is currently no standard fee structure with different Bangkok rental management companies charging different fees.

A general rule of thumb is to budget for approximately 1-month of rent for a 1-year management contract. This can be much cheaper (Or more expensive), depending on the management company. Our suggestion is to shop around and get quotations from various condo management service providers.

2. Condo & Building Maintenance Expenses

Common Area & Management Fees (CAM Fees)

This is a fee for the maintenance of common areas (I.e., Condo facilities, lobby, garden areas, pool etc.) and building management services (I.e., Juristic Office, 24-hour security and building handymen, etc.).

It is issued by the condo’s management office on an annual basis or biannual basis. This is a mandatory expense and late payment of this fee can result in surcharges. Failing to pay the CAM Fees, gives the Condo Juristic Office the authority to hinder or even stop the sale of a condo.

Condo Interior & Content Insurance

It is important to note that “Building Insurance” for major issues that affect the building’s safety and structure (I.e., Fires, Floods, Structure Issues, etc.) are usually included in the Annual CAM Fees. However, some landlords may choose to also purchase “Condo Interior & Content Insurance” in case of internal damages on appliances and fixtures caused by the occupant of the condo. The purchase of such insurance is generally not common or mandatory in Bangkok.

Cleaning & Air Con Maintenance

It is usually standard for a rental condo and the air con units to be cleaned before a renter moves-in. This is usually just routine maintenance work and cost the following:

Cleaning (1-Bedroom)- 500- 750 THB
Air Con Inspection & Cleaning (Per/Unit)- 500-750 THB*

*Maintenance fees for internal air con systems might vary.
Air Cons usually need to be cleaned 2-4 times a year.

Utility Fees

While the condo is vacant, the landlord is liable for the payment of water and electricity. A vacant condo will usually have insignificant utility expenses (Under 100 THB on a monthly basis).

3. Legal, Tax and Compliance Expenses

Income Tax on Rental Income

Income derived from the rental of an investment property is subject to income tax.
It is best to visit the Thai Revenue Department’s website for more info.

Land & Building Tax

The New Land and Building Tax is a new tax that also affects owners of residential property. However, the tax is mostly aimed at multi-site commercial landlords and large property companies. At the moment, retail investors with only 1-2 rental investments are liable to pay only a negligible amount of tax.

This is an overview of all the expenses and costs associated with owning a Bangkok condo. By having these expenses in mind when hunting for investment opportunities, investors will be able to maximize their rental yield and long-term returns.


If you are looking to invest in Bangkok or alternatively if you are already an existing landlord, feel free to contact Fresh Property. We are an established real estate agency offering consultancy, sales, rental and property management services!

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