How Much Does Renting a Condo or Apartment Cost in Bangkok?

How much does renting a condo or apartment cost in Bangkok?

Planning and budgeting for a relocation is no easy task, as estimating the “costs of living” in a foreign city can be a wildly confusing affair.

Since accommodation costs, will inevitably makeup a big chunk of an individual’s monthly expenses, expats relocating to Bangkok are often faced with the challenge of estimating local rental rates.

The big question:

“How much does renting a Condo or Apartment Cost in Bangkok?”

Is a topic that can yield wide-ranging and subjective answers; especially considering the expansive size of Bangkok and the hundreds of neighborhoods offered to its potential residents.

On top of this, variables such as the renter’s requirements and general expectations can cause rental rates to vary greatly.

This rental article will aim to explore the different types of condos and apartments offered in the Capital and their corresponding rental rates.

It is important to note, that the rental rates and accommodation examples explored are based on certain assumptions:

1. Focus on Sukhumvit (BTS Nana- BTS On Nut) Only

Rental prices in the Capital are mostly dictated by their location and their general proximity to Bangkok’s business and leisure hotspots (I.e. The closer you are to central Bangkok the more expensive!).

Sukhumvit is an expansive area with a diverse choice of lifestyle and rental options, making it an ideal rental location. For the sake of simplicity, only the neighborhoods between BTS Nana to BTS On Nut station will be used as examples.

2. Standard Sized 1 or 2 Bed Accommodation Only

Bangkok’s Condos and Apartments are generally offered in standard layouts notably 1 Bed (30-40 Square Meters) and 2 Beds (50-75 Square Meters). Beds and size requirements vary greatly depending on a renter’s personal situation, however this article will focus only on standard 1 and 2 Bed Condos available.

While non-standard sizes are definitely available, they can often cost more and can be notoriously difficult to price. So for the sake of simplicity, we will only explore standard living options acceptable to most renters.

3. Lease Term of 12 Months

Most landlords would prefer 12 months rental contracts, pricing their property based on the assumption the tenant can guarantee a lease of a minimum of 1 Year.

With these 3 assumptions in mind, let’s review the Condo and Apartment options that can be expected at different price points:

Rental Rate Guide-Bangkok

General Overview of Condo and Apartment Rental Rates in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit

Under 10,000 THB Per/ Month

Unfortunately space, location and convenience often comes at a premium in the Thai Capital and renters will find that a budget under 10,000 THB monthly will be restrictive for the Sukhumvit area. Renters will generally have to look at non-central locations such as BTS On Nut; with most of the available options being located further away from the BTS/MRT station.

In terms of the general quality, the Units’ interiors will tend to be basic Studios or 1-Beds (Approx. 25- 30 Sqm). At this level some condos may not be equipped with kitchens and in some cases old Thai-style bathrooms may be offered (I.e. No separated shower). It is important to note that building facilities such as Pools, Libraries and Gyms may not be available in the lower-budget rental options.

Basic Thai Apartment- Under 10,000 Baht

Basic Studio Apartment with Non-Separated Bathroom; Under 10,000 THB Per/Month

Ps: If a renter has a limited rental budget and does not want to compromise on location or lifestyle, another viable option would be to seek a condo/house share (Which is common in Bangkok).

10-20,000 THB Per/ Month

An immediately more comfortable budget for the Sukhumvit area, renters will be able to consider a wider range of condo options at this level!

10-15,000 THB Monthly

While still restrictive for Central Bangkok, BTS On Nut and BTS Phra Khanong have several quality Condo Projects offering properties between the ranges of 12-15,000 THB Per/Month.

The unit layouts range from 1-Bed (30-35 Sqm) and offer comfortable city living interiors such as a small kitchen, modern bedroom and bathroom. It is important to note, that most Condos at this range will usually benefit from facilities such as pool areas, gyms and libraries (Depending on the Condo/Apartment Building)!

Base 77

The Base Sukhumvit 77, Functional Condo with Great Facilities; Rental Rate 13-15,000 THB Per/Month for a 1-Bed

15-20,000 THB Monthly

While the difference compared to 10-15,000 THB type properties may not be massively different, this rental rate tends to afford better overall locations (Closer to the BTS Station) and slightly larger 1-Bed units types such as 40 Sqm. condos. Generally options on this level will offer a full array of amenities (I.e. Gym, Pool, etc…).

At this budget renters can consider BTS On Nut and Phra Khanong (For options close to the BTS) or condos further away from the BTS in the prime location such as BTS Ekamai. It is important to note, that in central locations options on this price level may be older and less plush compared to non-central locations.

Wyne Sukhumvit

Wyne Sukhumvit, Modern and Style Condo Offering Large Pool and Gym; Rental Rate between 17-23,000 THB Per/Month for a 1-Bed.

20-30,000 THB Per/ Month

This budget range is generally considered the ideal budget for 1-Bed renters in Sukhumvit. With several high-quality Condos in both non-central and central locations available at that range.

Most units between those price points are modern, stylish and well-presented therefore making them ideal for working professionals.

Again, facilities offered to residents in these buildings will be of very good quality and equipped with a range of luxury facilities.

Villa Asoke

Villa Asoke Located in the Heart of Asoke, Offering Beautiful Units and Luxury Facilities; Rental Rate 23-30,000 THB Per/Month for a 1-Bed.

30-40,000 THB Per/ Month

On this level 1-Bed renters have access to a range of ultra-exclusive condos and apartments with a range of luxurious facilities and amazingly convenient locations.

2-Bed Rentals are usually available starting at this rate, however it is important to note that layouts can often feel compact with 1 large master bedroom and a very small second single bedroom. For those seeking 2-Bed rentals, several locations can be considered, however for central locations (I.e. Phrom Phong, Asoke) Condos and Apartments further away from the BTS/MRT will have to be considered.

It is important to note, that while this is a comfortable rental rate, the best 2-Bed options in terms of location, layout and facilities do tend to get priced above 40,000 THB Per/Month.

Sukhumvit Living

Sukhumvit Living Town, Located in Asoke and Offering a Range of Amenities; 2-Bed Units are available between 30-35,000 THB Per/Month

Above 40,000 THB Per/Month

There is obviously a vast amount of different available options available in Sukhumvit therefore rental ranges can be extremely wide (Super cheap to jaw-dropping expensive). Prices tend to inevitably vary widely, depending on the expectations and requirements of a renter.

It is important to note, 40,000 THB monthly is NO WAY the top end of rental rates in Sukhumvit or Bangkok. However at >40,000 THB Per/Month renters will tend to have access to a variety of comfortable and convenient accommodation options.

Room 21

The Room Sukhumvit 21 Offering an Amazing Location and Ultra-Luxury Facilities; 2-Bed+ Units are offered at 40,000+ THB Per/Month

Bangkok’s booming urban landscape, has created enormous amount of options with condos rates ranging from as low as <10,000 THB to decadent levels such as >200,000 THB Per/Month for a penthouse in Central Bangkok with private pool!

On a Final Note

Bangkok is an expansive city with an enormous variety of rental options, the rental ranges above are simply broad averages.

However, a rental search is an individual-specific affair deeply dependent on the renter’s circumstances, tastes and preferences.

Therefore it is always important to have a tailor-made and personal search assisted by an experienced Property Agent!

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  1. Excellent article. I am looking to possibly relocate to Bangkok area and I can’t believe how expensive it is for renting decent size 2 bedroom apartment. When I first considered this job offer I was not expecting to pay upwards of 60K bhats for modern 2 double bed apartment, nicely furnished etc.

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