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Phrom Phong Area Overview


Phrom Phong has consistently established a reputation for offering a desirable and appealing lifestyle, with a little bit of everything for everyone. This ranges from active working professionals, families with children, to even retirees. The attraction to the neighborhood is due to a combination of convenience, quality residential options and an exciting range of entertainment venues.


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Interestingly Phrom Phong is made-up of a collection of intertwined roads (Many of them tree-lined) which harbor independent eateries, craft cafes and quirky shops. This adds a certain charm and depth to the area’s living experience.

This pleasant bohemian environment is also balanced by a more commercial-side and the area also offers some of Bangkok’s top shopping malls and residential condos. This has cemented the neighborhood as a chic and classy high-society hangout spot!

Local Lifestyle Overview

On a practical level, travelling and commuting to and from Phrom Phong is convenient and easy. The presence of BTS Phrom Phong and the multitude of arteries that connect Sukhumvit Road to Rama 4 and Phetchaburi Road, allows residents to get across the city fast. This enviable convenience has made the area cosmopolitan, attracting a combination of both Thai and Expat residents.

Sandwiched between Thong Lo and Asoke two prime areas, Phrom Phong has experienced extensive commercial development especially around the BTS Station and Sukhumvit Road. Now travelers getting off BTS Phrom Phong, can access two luxury shopping malls notably newly launched Emquartier and modernized Emporium. Interestingly, both malls can be accessed directly from the BTS via an impressive skywalk platform.



Emquartier and Emporium offer vibrant shopping experiences; with both malls offering branded stores (Selling clothes and accessories), book shops, food halls, a multitude of eateries and coffee shops. These two developments have positioned the neighborhood as Sukhumvit’s shopping hub, attracting both local and international visitors. Or simply chill out and relax in Benchasiri Park a green oasis of peace in the heart of urban and bustling Bangkok!

For night owls and party goers, Phrom Phong doesn’t disappoint as it offers an impressive choice of elegant bars, pubs and clubs. A cluster of night venues can be found on Sukhumvit 22 and some on Sukhumvit 33.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Sukhumvit Road and exploring the area’s “sois”, visitors can uncover a multitude of discreet hangouts and surprises. These include beautiful restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and charming coffee shops that cater exclusively to local residents. This adds a highly endearing and peaceful side to the local lifestyle, which has contributed to its success as a residential location.

Phrom Phong is a neighborhood of depth and contrast, creating one of Bangkok’s most unique lifestyles.

Property Investment Overview

The amazing lifestyle offered by Phrom Phong and its convenient travel options, has inevitably led to its meteoric rise as a prime residential location. This consistent uptrend can also be attributed in part to the fact that Phrom Phong sits sandwiched between Asoke and Thong Lo, two highly-desirable addresses. “Location is everything” in property investment and this neighborhood is a prime example of this mantra’s success.

Phrom Phong is a popular residential option for the city’s expats; it is particularly popular with the Japanese and Korean expatriate residents of Bangkok. Therefore the area offers a good buy-to-let opportunity, due to the presence of a stable and consistent rental demand.

On a capital appreciation and re-sale basis, Phrom Phong properties are currently benefiting from an uptrend and positive market movement. This is the inevitable consequence of less-developments being launched in the area and the growing scarcity of developable land plots.

Some interesting local market trends to watch:

Office Tower Launches

Bhiraj Tower

Up-til-now the neighborhood was widely considered a purely residential area with a shopping and leisure component. However its proximity to Asoke (Sukhumvit’s business center) has put it on commercial developers’ radars. This has resulted in the launched of two Grade-A office complexes; these are Bhiraj Tower (Connected to Emquartier) and Metropolis (5 minutes’ walk from BTS Phrom Phong).

Metropolis Building Sukhumvit

Metropolis Building Sukhumvit

This could be a turning point for Phrom Phong, which may transform into a business and office hub to rival Asok’s dominance!

Ultra-Luxury Residences

Phrom Phong has always been synonymous with a luxury living experience and the area harbors some of the top Condo options Bangkok has to offer. This reputation, has spurred on developers to launch projects that are currently breaking local price records. These developments are setting new ultra-luxury pricing standards for the local area. These Include:

Marque Sukhumvit

This ultra-luxury condo is located only a few meters away from BTS Phrom Phong and the Emporium/Emquartier shopping experience. The project will consist of 147 Units with prices ranging from a whopping 34.2- 180 MTHB!

Marque Sukhumvit under construction!

The Diplomat 39

This high-end development was developed around the concept of “timeless living” and will have a palladian-inspired architecture. The project will consist of 31 floors and a total of approx. 156 Units. Prices of Units in The Diplomat 39 are above 250,000 THB Per/Sqm with prices for condos ranging from 15-185 MTHB!

Whether this market trend is sustainable is a subject of much debate amongst property professionals and local residents. However this market shift has the potential to radically transform Phrom Phong into an ultra-luxury hotspot comparable to Wireless Road.

Phrom Phong Condo Options

The neighborhood offers one of the most diverse collections of quality living options in Bangkok. Phrom Phong has experienced different waves of development sprees and it now offers a variety of condos; these usually suit the requirements of a wide market, from families, sharers to single working professionals.

Since the area is essentially a complicated collection of “sois” and alleys it is difficult to pinpoint exact hotspots where condos cluster. However numerous condos can be found on:

Sukhumvit 26

Sukhumvit 26

This is a green tree-lined road, offering a pleasant living experience. KVillage, a community mall is located at the end of Soi 26 (Closer to Rama 4) and numerous coffee shops and eateries are located in the area catering to the local residents. It is important to note that Sukhumvit 26 connects to Rama 4 Road therefore it does tend to be a busy thoroughfare.

Condos in the area include:

The Seed Musee
Condolette Dwell Sukhumvit 26
Condo One X Sukhumvit 26

Sukhumvit 24

Sukhumvit 24

This is an established residential part of Phrom Phong and it offers numerous Condo options. A major development on this road is the launch of Park 24 by Proud Real Estate; this will be a mixed-use project consisting of luxury residential, commercial and retail components.

Condos on Sukhumvit 24 include:

The Emporio Place
The Lumpini 24
-Bright Sukhumvit 24

Sukhumvit 39

Sukhumvit 39

Sukhumvit 39 is a deep-soi connecting Sukhumvit Road to Phetchaburi Road. Interestingly the long road is linked to numerous inter-connecting side-roads. This charming part of Phrom Phong offers a variety of quality condo options. Sukhumvit 39 is currently a residential development hotspot with numerous ongoing projects such as The Diplomat 39 and XXIX by Sansiri.

Condo options offered include:

Royal Castle
Siamese Thirty Nine
39 by Sansiri

This is in no way an exhaustive list of all the residential clusters offered by the neighborhood.
Phrom Phong is an expansive area and it would be a complex endeavor to try and cover each and every corner!

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