House Staging, the art of standing out!


The term “House Staging” to the uninitiated, probably sounds like some exotic and foreign sound bite. Indeed, it is not a popular concept in Bangkok, where multi-million baht condos with enormous potential are marketed with a certain sense of neglect and callousness!

As Agents we view and market condos with dirty living spaces, mismatched decoration and even moldy walls. In most cases we are forced to market with the simple and cheeky excuse “the landlord will prepare/fix the unit, if you are seriously interested”.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the local marketplace and most landlords are seemingly unwilling to “spend money” unless a client is guaranteed.

So the next question, what is Home Staging?

This tactic is extremely popular in the United States and it is simply the act of preparing a Unit to appear as appealing and charming as possible. This is done by creating a stylish living environment, through the use of furniture, decorations and even props. Staged condos, often appear like an occupied or lived Unit!

The aim and advantage of using this tactic is usually a Unit sells faster and for a higher price!

Sky Walk- Beautiful-Living

Beautifully Presented Living Space!

So how can this apply to the local Bangkok Market?

It is interesting to note, that in business when “everyone does something” it is a standard, however if “only a few competitors are involved” it is a competitive advantage. At the moment Home Staging is really not a popular tactic and most Condos are marketed with bog-standard interiors. On top of this, there is a large amount of competition for sales and even rentals in the capital. At any one time, an area and even individual condo buildings have numerous Units being marketed simultaneously.

While Home Staging is usually only used as a tactic for sales, in Bangkok it could be used to increase returns on both a Sales and Rental property. As by having a “staged property”, this will definitely allow your Unit to stand out especially in the crowded Bangkok marketplace.

So how can you adopt this tactic as a property marketing tool?

Staging a property does not need to be a huge investment; here are 5 cost-effective tactics, you could use today:

1. Set Dining Tables and Kitchen Area

Set tables and kitchen area, with props such as cutlery, plates and decorative pieces (I.e. Flower vase, decorative flowers, and fancy glasses). Thereby giving the impression an elegant dinner or classy party is about to be hosted in the property!


Set Dining Table ready for that fancy Dinner Party!

2. Artwork

Paintings and pictures are excellent decorations to be strategically used to liven up a room and make it feel more comfortable and fresh!

Ensure you use Artwork on empty walls and try not to use decorative pieces that are “neutral”.

The Base-House-Staging

Great use of Art Work!

3. Bathrooms

Add decorative toiletries, making the bathroom area feel like a hotel-like experience. Maybe you can take it a step further and invest into scented sticks to give it a luxury spa environment.

4. Stylish Floor Mats

Ensure beautiful floor mats are strategically placed in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. As they can really add a comfortable and sleek feel to a room if correctly selected.

5. Light Colored Furniture

Try to avoid decorating your Unit with dark colored furniture as this tends to make rooms feel smaller.

These tips/tactics will NOT be effective, if the Unit is not clean and the walls look tired/dirty. So before you
spend on scented sticks and floor mats… get the unit cleaned first and refresh the walls with a lick of paint.

However by putting a small amount of effort, Home Staging can really yield amazing results! From experience, beautiful condos standout and are never left on the market long. Home Staging is definitely a trick that should be part of every home owner’s arsenal!

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