Central Bangkok- An Untapped University Real Estate Market

Bangkok is a booming business and leisure city in the heart of South East Asia. It is experiencing unprecedented growth, development and modernization, with an expanded transport network.

Developers and private investors have rapidly positioned themselves to capitalize on Bangkok’s business, commercial and leisure areas. They have carefully targeted high potential neighborhoods, that capture the “working professional” market segments, with real estate in locations like Asoke, Silom and Thonglor.

Leaving an untapped market segment and a good opportunity that is often overlooked, is the vibrant and dynamic student market.



Bangkok is an important educational and student centre in Thailand, as the city is home to some of the most prestigious Universities in the nation. The best and brightest young minds from all over the country congregate in Bangkok during the formative years of their lives.

Thai Tertiary Institutions also offer international (English) programmes that attracts international students from around the world. Thai Universities are especially popular with South East Asian students from countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

This educational boom is translating into a large demand for students housing and accommodations. Parents of students are also fueling a resale market, with many choosing to buy a “temporary home” located next to their children’s University Campuses.

These are some of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, with campuses in Central Bangkok.

Chulalongkorn University



Chulalongkorn University needs no introduction. It is often referred to as Thailand’s “Oxford or Harvard University”.

Some of the nation’s most successful business professionals and famous public figures have graduated from this institution. It is also consistently ranked as the country’s “Top University” according to QS World University Rankings.

The University has a total of 38 faculties and programmes with a total of 37,000+ local and international students.

Neighborhoods most likely to benefit from Chulalongkorn University

The University is located in a neighborhood referred to as “Chula-Samyan” (Close to Siam).

As a result, Chula-Samyan has been developing and modernizing fast; Samyan Mitrtown an expansive mixed-use complex was launched in the area to service the growing student and business demand.

Numerous established developers have launched a collection of condos in the area such as Ideo Chula-Samyan by Ananda and The Nest Chula-Samyan by the PM Group.

Bangkok University



Bangkok University was established in 1962, since then it has rapidly expanded into a leading institution with over 28,000 students.

The University has positioned itself as one of the top Universities for Communication and Media Arts such as Advertising, Digital Media, Design and Marketing.

Neighborhoods most likely to benefit from Bangkok University

In its early beginnings Bangkok University’s campus was located on Rama 4 offering easy and convenient access to Bangkok’s Central Business District. Until now, it still maintains part of its academic activities at its Rama 4 complex.

However, the “Rangsit Campus” located in Outer Bangkok is now considered its main academic and extracurricular center.

The biggest recipient of the Bangkok University student market will be the booming Rama 4 area, that is already a bustling thoroughfare and has been developing tremendously in the last few years.

Numerous mixed-use projects and leisure hubs have sprouted there such as the “FYI Centre”, Suan Plern Market and “The Parq” (Still currently under construction). Also, The Port Authority of Thailand is working on a redevelopment of the Khlong Toei Port area.

This boom has not gone unnoticed by the Capital’s leading residential developers. Numerous projects are currently under construction such as Ideo Sukhumvit-Rama 4 by Ananda and Oka Haus by Sansiri.

Srinakharinwirot University



Srinakharinwirot University is another prestigious tertiary institution founded in 1949.

The University currently has a total of over 25,000 students and its academic activities are split-up between its two campuses. The main Prasarnmit Campus located in Asoke and the Ongkharak Campus located in Nakhon Nayok Province.

The University developed a reputation for being one of the top institutions for Social Sciences such as Education, Economics and Humanities.

Neighborhoods most likely to benefit from Srinakharinwirot University

Srinakharinwirot University is located in the heart of the Asoke business district with its main entrance located on Sukhumvit 21.

The presence of this University boosts the already dynamic Asoke real estate market. Especially for condos located on the “Phetchaburi-Asoke Intersection” side of the Asoke neighborhood. This is due to its proximity to the University and its “relative better-value” of rental and resales units, compared to the core-section of Asoke (Around BTS Asoke/ Terminal 21).

The area has experienced tremendous development, with the grand opening of the Singha Complex, an expansive commercial and residential centre. Individual investors looking for real estate opportunities in the area can choose from a selection of resale or newly completed projects such as Ideo Mobi Asoke by Ananda Development or Life Asoke by AP Thai.

Real estate opportunities in Bangkok

It is beyond the scope of this short article to review all the prestigious Universities that Bangkok has to offer. Numerous very well-known institutions with Academic Campuses outside of Central Bangkok have been left out.

This includes Thammasat University often described as Thailand’s “Cambridge University” and a rival to Chulalongkorn University. Its campus is located in the historical “old town” in proximity to landmarks such as the Grand Palace and Khao San Road.

Other Universities worth mentioning include Mahidol University, Kasetsart University and Assumption University all with expansive Campuses located in Outer Bangkok.

All these institutions offer an opportunity for private investors to capitalize on the growing and ever-expanding student market.

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