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The Aftermath: New Rental Law in Bangkok FAQ

Initially announced over 2-months ago, the “New Rental Law” is now in full effect. The discrete announcement by the Contract Committee of the Consumer Protection Board, was followed by a raging storm of confusion, disbelief and general uncertainty by the general public. This hot button topic, that inevitably pits the landlord community against renters, has been a popular talking point…Read More

New Thai Rental Law: What to Expect?

A mix of confusion, panic and general widespread disbelief has spread amongst landlords and apartment operators in recent weeks, with the announcement of the new Thai Rental Law. This new set of regulations was announced in the Royal Gazette on Feb 16 and will come into effect on May 1st of this year. Thus leaving the Thai real estate industry…Read More

Is it legal to Airbnb Condos in Thailand?

With its global presence in a total 65,000+ Cities, 191+ Countries and a total of 3+ Million Vacation Rentals, Airbnb is a phenomenon taking Thailand by storm! The simplicity of the turnkey service is proving incredibly attractive for condo landlords looking to generate extra-income. However Airbnb’s disruptive business model has placed it in direct opposition with several stakeholders notably the…Read More

Bangkok Property Management Options for Overseas Landlords

It may come as a surprise for many overseas buyers to discover that Property Management as a turnkey rental service is a relatively new business concept for private condo landlords! The vast majority of buy-to-let investors in Bangkok are overwhelmingly Thai and they often tend to shy away from Professional Property Management Services for the following reasons: – Sensitive to…Read More

Basics of a Good Rental Agreement

In most cases, if you are a Landlord you will engage the services of a Property Agency to find a Tenant for your property. The issue is that there are hundreds of Agents offering their services in the Capital and standards of service vary massively! More importantly, there is no standard Template Rental Agreement with some Agencies providing a 2…Read More

5 Tips to Reduce Vacancy Period of your Rental Property

Bangkok is the urban center of Thailand and an active economic powerhouse within South East Asia therefore it should come as no surprise that the city benefits from a healthy rental market. The capital, benefits from an established population of expats which range from working professionals, diplomats and retirees. On top of this the community is constantly being refreshed by…Read More

Diplomatic Clause Explained!

Bangkok is a major expat hub due to its multitude of business and career opportunities. However this also makes the international community of residents living in the city extremely transient and temporary. Many of the working professionals are on project or assignment based employment contracts while others have recently been transferred or relocated (From Overseas). Many of these individuals face…Read More

The Pros and Cons of Corporate Tenants!

The first question, what is a Corporate Tenant? Very simply explained, Bangkok is an important economic hub within South East Asia and as a result numerous national and international companies have their headquarters based in the City. This means business and career opportunities abound and Bangkok is a particularly popular expat destination for work. Numerous companies often provide “housing allowances”…Read More

Checkout Inventory List

Provided a property is correctly prepared before the tenant moves-in, tenancies tend to be drama-free and relaxing affairs. In most cases monthly rent simply rolls into the landlord’s account and the tenant goes about his/her life peacefully enjoying the property. However this carefree experience can quickly develop into a stressful situation upon checkout simply based on the simple principle: “The…Read More

How to Prepare your Rental Property

Owning a buy-to-let property is essentially a business and if done right, building a rental property portfolio is a great way to accumulate wealth and develop a substantial source of passive income. Some savvy investors have even made the jump, and are now living full-time from managing the income generated from their rental properties. However whether you are the owner…Read More