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On Nut is an upcoming and popular residential neighborhood, this is in large part because of the affordability (Sales and Rental) of the residential developments. Local residents come from a range of backgrounds and On Nut appeals to both local Thais and Expats.

The area also offers convenient travelling and commuting options, which is a big draw for current/potential tenants or buyers. The primary method of transport is On Nut BTS Station that allows residents to travel to Central Bangkok (I.e. Phrom Phong or Asoke) within 15-20 Minutes.

The neighborhood is also geographically well-located as road users can access the expressway with ease.

The rising popularity of On Nut as a residential hotspot has fueled an increase in local commercial and retail activity. In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of shops, coffee shops, eateries and leisure venues catering to the local residents. This transformation will undoubtedly continue to positively impact the neighborhood in the coming future.

Local Life Overview

Living locally is a pleasant experience as the neighborhood offers a unique lifestyle that combines a local Thai environment with vibrant leisure options. The area tends to attract a crowd of working professionals and young families that value convenience, due to their hectic lifestyles.

To cater to the active local residents, On Nut offers the choice of 2 Hypermarkets both located within walking distance of the BTS Station. They are:

Tesco Lotus

This Shopping Complex is connected to the BTS On Nut via a convenient skywalk. Tesco Lotus offers a large selection of fresh and prepared foods, grocery products and general consumer goods.

The hypermarket also acts as a community hub, as numerous retail shops, banks (I.e. SCB) and eateries (I.e. KFC, Swensen, and McDonalds) operate from this complex. The shopping center also hosts a large and diverse Food Court and it is a popular lunch/dining spot due to the good-value food options offered.

Big C

This hypermarket is located on Sukhumvit Soi 77 (On Nut Road) and also offers a selection of food and consumer products. It acts as a community spot, for residents of the nearby Condos located on Sukhumvit 77 such as The Base Sukhumvit 77 and Blocs 77. The complex offers numerous shops, banks, cafes and eateries (I.e. MK Restaurant). Like Tesco Lotus, this hypermarket offers its own Food Court with a multitude of food stalls offering a range of menus.

What else?
Now, the area has welcomed its first Community Mall (Open Air Mall):

Habito Mall

This Community Mall consists of a total of 4 Floors and approximately 32 Shops and 9 Kiosks. This mall has been developed by luxury developer Sansiri and is located next to On Nut Canal. Located next to a waterway, it offers an amazing and refreshing escape from Bangkok’s urban environment.

The vision of Sansiri is to nurture a local community environment, and this trendy getaway offers a varied choice of shops, eateries and coffee shops. On top of this, Habito Mall currently hosts an RSM Academy (Muay Thai Gym) and “Hubba-To” (Co-working Space in partnership with Hubba). The Mall has also been used to host community events; Sansiri previously organized “Winter Market Fest” a Winter Market for local artisans. This has been well-received by the local residents and more exciting events are in the pipeline.

Property Investment Overview

The area’s residential popularity has created a profitable and consistent rental market and on average Rental Yields are around 4-6%. Condos in On Nut (Obviously depending on the building) have fast take up rates and stay on the rental market for relatively short-periods of time. This offers an ideal environment for buy-to-let (BTL) Investors, looking to profit from a steady rental income stream.

On a Capital Appreciation perspective, performance tends to depend greatly on the individual Condominium (I.e. Design, Brand, Location, etc.). However since the area is gradually gentrifying and developing, most of the Condos are benefitting from a natural upswing in re-sale price. This is evident in some of the popular residential condos such as The Base Sukhumvit 77, Rhythm Sukhumvit and Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit.

Finally, On Nut is experienced an unprecedented development spree and is welcoming a range of interesting commercial and residential developments. This includes the following:

Commercial Development (Next to BTS On Nut)

What was once an empty parking lot (That hosted the “On Nut Market”), is currently being developed into a commercial complex which will include a hotel, retail shops and a cinema. Construction is under way and once completed this will offer another exciting leisure option for local residents.

X2 Vibe On Nut

The 8 Storey Hotel and Residence, will offer 145 Suites and a total of 122 Luxury residences. The vision of “X2” Branded Developments and Resorts, is to offer boutique luxury experiences; with strong emphasis on top-level service and trendy interior/exterior building designs. The Project is currently being developed and is located on Sukhumvit Soi 52 (Approximately 5-10 minutes’ walk from BTS Station).


Sansiri an established Thai Property Developer has reimagined the local life experience around the once underrated On Nut Canal. The company’s vision is to create and nurture a vibrant community which it dubs the “T77” community. In an attempt to capitalize on the area’s growth Sansiri has extensively developed a series of developments such as The Base Park East 77, The Base Park West 77, Hasu Haus and Habito Mall (Reviewed above). This amazing plan has resulted in a complete regeneration and redevelopment of the canal-side, adding value to a once neglected natural landmark.

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

Also part of the T77 Community vision, Bangkok Prep one of Bangkok’s premiere International Schools will be opening a second campus in the area (Just behind Sansiri’s Hasu Haus residential project). The Campus will house its Secondary School and will offer state of the art teaching facilities including a 400-seat Auditorium, an Aquatics Centre (With Olympic-sized pools), and outdoor Sport Fields.

On Nut Condo Options

Developments in the neighborhood tend to be modern and trendy city condos. In most cases they offer compact Studio, 1 Bed and 2 Bed Unit Types (General Floor Space, depends on the development). Their immediate target markets are usually young working professionals with offices in Sukhumvit (I.e. Asoke) and young families. Most of the Condo Projects cluster around 3 main areas:

– Sukhumvit Road (Around BTS Station)
– Sukhumvit 77
– Sukhumvit 52

Sukhumvit Road (Around BTS)

The Condo options in this part of On Nut generally tend to be high-rise buildings. These developments usually offer pristine amenities such as large pools, full-equipped gyms, 24-hr security, lounges, etc. The interior of these properties tend to be modern, fresh and functional in design and size. Some of the popular condos include:

Ideo Mobi
The President Sukhumvit
Ideo Verve Sukhumvit
Rhythm Sukhumvit
Q House Sukhumvit 79

See some pictures of the different Developments offered:

Rhythm Sukhumvit 2

Rhythm Sukhumvit 50 Gorgeous Rooftop Garden!

Ideo Verve Sukhumvit Located Next to BTS On Nut

Ideo Verve 1

Ideo Verve Sukhumvit Lobby

Sukhumvit 77

A lot of the Condo options on Sukhumvit 77 Road have been developed by Sansiri and are part of the developer’s “T77” Community vision. The Sansiri condos offered usually appeal to active working professionals and they offer sleek and stylish interiors and amenities. Some of these residential projects include:

Blocs 77
The Base Sukhumvit 77
The Base Park East 77
The Base Park West 77
Hasu Haus

This part of On Nut also offers a few non-Sansiri developed Condos notably:

– U Delight @ On Nut Station
Lumpini Ville Sukhumvit 77 2

See some pictures of the different Developments offered:

The Base Sukhumvit 77

The Base 77 1

The Base Sukhumvit 77 Beautiful Pool!

Blocs 77

Blocs 77 1

Blocs 77 Amazing Pool!

Sukhumvit 52

Condos offered in this part of On Nut contrasts with those located by the BTS or along Sukhumvit 77; as this area generally only offers low-rise residential buildings. This is due to planning-regulations as Sukhumvit 52 is a smaller and less commercial road. This means that the living environment tends to be more peaceful and residential, which can be appealing to certain type of residents. Condos are not as commercial and the living atmosphere offered tends to be more cozy and serene. Some of the popular Condos offered include:

The Next Sukhumvit 52
Condo One Sukhumvit 52
The Next Garden Suite
Tree Condo Luxe 52
Tree Condo 52

See some pictures of the different Developments offered:

The Next Garden Suite 1

The Next Garden Suite

Condo One Sukhumvit 52

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